Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yesterday Revisited

Thank you to those of you who posted a comment to my negativity yesterday. I re-read it today; if I was a guy I'd have thought I was hormonal.

I deleted it.

I have a new policy.

In order to use my blog for what it was originally intended for, and that was a repository for my random thoughts, I will continue to post negativity...but I will delete it the next day. It will essentially accomplish what I wanted, and that was to get it down and out. A few people will read it, but not too many because any future visitors won't see it.

I think that when, for example, singers record a song that has really offensive language or vulguar ideas, it's one thing to sing that stuff one time. But then they record it, and sell it to millions of people. Millions of people play that offensive stuff each, at least 1x so that's millions of occurrances of filth. Then, they listen to it again, and again and each time, it's as if the artist re-committed themselves to the low depths from which the filth came. They get the royalties each time a CD or song is purchased, but in the same sense, they get those same "royalties" everytime their voice repeats the crap that came out originally. Am I being clear?

That's why I won't leave my negativity up forever. I chose to contaminate the world on a small scale but I won't leave it up for the countless encounters that I will no doubt get my own royalties from.

2 backward glances:

moooooog35 said...

You are much more noble than I am. I'm trying to spread my negativity with the idea that the more I share, the less I feel.

So far, it's not working. But I'm going to keep trying. Plus, someone has to balance out all these "How to Live Positively" blogs. Might as well be me.

friendinME said...

of course, one really nice thing about getting your RSS feed is that we have a record of that post. :)

I for one didn't feel that the post all that negative and found it an interesting read. But, I can understand your reasoning for removing it.

I've got it! maybe I will cut and paste it to my blog. (nah, you're safe)

negative or positive, you are a good read. thanks.