Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer's Dwindling

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a big day planned.  We started off with Nicole's preschool Open House where Natalie had a few moments of reminiscing and Nicole had fun playing with all of the toys.  She really wanted to paint though but we'll save that for another day!

From there, we went and got my hair chopped.  Danielle, the stylist was so cute. I've never had her before but she was amazing and did exactly what I wanted. I usually have pretty vivid ideas about what I want but an obstructed image of that desire is usually what the stylist gets. I think she did a pretty good job.  Too bad my kids acted like farm animals.

Later, after I put 3/4 of Jurassic Park, the novel, behind me we headed over to the our friend's place for ice cream and slippy slide.  It wasn't really that warm at 7:30 in the evening but that didn't stop the kids, and it definitely didn't stop chattering teeth. We wrapped it up with toast, peaches, a movie and Tinker throwing a fit telling us it was time to say good-bye.


 I finally got the kids settled down asleep and I stayed up until 2am to finish Jurassic Park.  Very good ending to another day that I didn't kill my children :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preschool For The Baby

My baby starts preschool in a week.  I feel a little startled, caught off guard about it, like I just came out of a time capsule 20 years in the future and have lost my orientation.

I have mixed feelings as I think most of us do when our children start school. Happy for their new opportunities and experiences; happy for the tiny slice of liberty it allows us as parents; and yet sadness for the loss of niavity and innocence that will surely come as a result of the exposure to the new "teachers" whether they be true teachers or the kids who will shed new light onto the meager understandings of their young world.

Today there is an Open House for the preschool as, since Bugs went to the same preschool, the teacher has moved the location which is in the basement of her home. Evidently she wanted more space for the preschool. She has expanded in the past few years to include 3 year olds. When Bugs went, it was only for 4 year olds but it was actually her first year doing preschool.

We're very excited to see the new Preschool and Tink is beside herself with anticipation. I received the invitation a few weeks ago and not being very detail-oriented mistakenly thought it was for last week. We got Tink all pumped up to go and when we arrived at the appointed time, we were disappointed and chagrined to realize that we were a week early.  The Marshmallow just rolled his eyes at my error. I guess he's used to these types of incidents living with me for the past 12 years.

I believe we have the right week now and so we'll go up there at 10 to check out the new digs, see Miss Deborah again and get Tink oriented. 

When Tink got up this morning, I told her we were going to go see Miss Deborah today. She was so excited she could hardly speak and when she did, this is what she said:

"We're going to go see Miss Deborah? I have my pretty underpants on!"

Yes she does. They're silky little rumba pants with lace rumba on the back. Tink is very fancy - do you know Fancy Nancy? This is Tink. I didn't even bat an eye to know these were her first thoughts.