Saturday, October 31, 2009

**Sigh*** Halloween's Over

I'm always sad when Halloween's over. We had a super fantastic day.

It started early for me. In preparation for eating more food than is otherwise good for me, I took an early pre-dawn run which always makes me feel better when faced with mounds of goodies later. Too bad I totally tweaked my knee and will probably be down for the count for a week! Gah!

Then I was off and hopping to get Bug's Halloween party on its feet. This party...oh my gosh. You guys. It. Was. Fun. I was a kid in a candy shop and I definitely feel that I appreciated it WAY more than any of the kidlings! I have so many decorations and fun Halloween party treats to show you that I made but they're all on my camera in the other room, and I'm sitting here in my bed.

In other words I'm ... L A Z Y.... and don't want to get up right now. But I will. I promise. There were a few things that turned out so cute I couldn't believe I made them myself.

After the party, we hit the Mexican joint for some quick dinner and then we headed out trick r treating. This was the most fun year so far because we walked the neighborhood rather than driving because Bugs is now old enough to traverse numerous streets without getting too tired. It was awesome and we were in by 7:45.

We had a lot of fun seeing many of our good friends out on the street and for those of you we missed - hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

Many good wishes for your kids not throwing up all over their beds tonight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black Friday - Big Letdown

Yeah. I said it. I know, you can't believe it. Me, the huge Black Friday magnet is turning my back on the biggest shopping day of the year. Forever.

Many years ago (like ten, hehe), when WalMart first put out their big Black Friday ad and said their store opened at 5AM for some major huge deals, it was a party! They had cool deals like jersey sweats for $5, really fun kids toys for way inexpensive and practical stuff that could actually be given as gifts. Sure, they probably had a couple of electronics for sale but they weren't the main focus, at least not for me.

Fast forward 10 years. Every single store in town opens at 2AM and has major price plugs on washers and dryers, TV's, stereos, and every other electronic thing you could imagine. And while that's all find and dandy for some people, where are the not-so-electronicy deals anymore? I don't just give OR receive only electronics for Christmas. I guess perhaps these people aren't buying stuff just for Christmas. But that day is my biggest Christmas shopping day and if the stuff I'm looking for can't be found on sale, there's no point going I suppose.

And why do I risk my life when I go into Toys R Us at 3AM the day after Thanksgiving?

I don't. Not anymore. I'm over it. It's just not fun anymore.

Gone are the days when you could be a super spaz and run all over the store collecting your gem-purchases and fly through the check-out line and then be off and running to the next store. We did this many years. Now you'll wait in line for an hour. It sucks.

This year, while I do plan to go out that day, it's not to make it early to some INSANE sale. It's to casually browse around, at a reasonable hour, go to lunch and maybe catch a movie with my sister.

I don't need a bargain that bad.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly What's Up On My Etsy!!!

Some very cute cards were listed this week on The Charming View. Here's a sample in case you missed it!

This graduation announcement proved to a favorite with Etsy shoppers! It can be customized according to your school colors - how great is that?
I love the bright colors and glowing star on this Christmas card: And I LOVE these polka dots. Of course you could use this design for any occasion because it's so versatile.And don't forget this cute graduation announcement. I love this navy blue. It can also be substituted with your school colors also...I also had the shop critiqued in a forum with some interesting and constructive advice which I needed. I'm excited to be making the changes ongoing throughout the next few weeks. You may have noticed some things already!

Remember, I've got a pre-Christmas promo going on: 50 cards for the price of 25. Offer ends November 10th so hurry! Don't let this offer pass you by!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Deserve To Be Fat

I had a rather unusual trip to Costco today and by the time I left, I was chuckling to myself at what a weird world I live in. Certain classes of people come out of the woodwork and converge together to form the menagerie you find at various social Costco. Here's the story...

I'm pushing my cart full of baby and other items down one of the main aisles. You know they're so crowded on a Saturday because of those vile food vendors who clog up the aisles I HATE THEM and cause so much confusion and unnecessary congestion. I see off to my left the last item I am looking for and considerately or so i thought I stop to wait for the person in front of it to move out of the way so I could move over there and get out of the stream of traffic. I get hit from behind from behind...on my heals, and you know how that smarts. I stop and sort of have an irritated look on my face as I turn around to make eye contact with the obviously stupid person behind me. She looks back at me like I'm the dope.

"Well, you stopped right in the middle of the aisle. You can't do that!" No sorry, not even an insincere sorry. And by the way, isn't that the most INANE thing you've ever heard? We're in a store stupid girl - all means you HAVE to stop so you can pick up items you need! I wanted to laugh out loud in her face. And so I said...

"Yes, you can! This is Costco!" I said this to her as she was walking away and I guess it really pissed her off, either that or she was having a really bad day because she got evicted from her single wide trailer on the banks of the Salt Lake because she walked her frumpy butt 30 feet over to where I stood and shouted in my face:

"You want to start something right here?" I nearly choked because I thought that was so funny. I said:

"You want to fight me right here in front of my kid?" She walked off and I just grinned and then I said something that distinctly shows I deserve to be fat.

"You'd probably just squash me anyway if you sat on me" I wished I could take it back the instant I said it. Sorry frumpy lady - I really don't deserve to be making fat comments. Please forgive me! She retorted:

"Whatever...pause....stupid bezatch" She yelled across the store as she walked away shaking her head. I did deserve that one.

I rarely run into someone who is aggressive and assertive as me and I wish that we both could get outside ourselves so we could laugh at how humorous the whole situation is. I mean seriously. Are we 15 or 30? I always have this funny little way of being outside of myself during moments like this and I can look really objectively at the situation and see how utterly stupid it is and I wish I could share those moments with the other person because we'd laugh and probably be best friends....aside from the fact that I verbally implied that she was a walrus. I seem to forget that it wasn't that many months ago that I felt like a walrus too.

Friday, October 23, 2009


who would ever guess these two are sisters...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uh Oh

I don't know for sure but my kids may be coming down with the piggy flu. Tinkerpot has the sniffles and Bugs woke up this morning with a cough and a frog in her throat. We have been so diligent in washing hands and using sanitizer. I've almost become a freak about it but with so many people that have it, I'm wouldn't be surprised if it made a pit stop at our house.

I actually think I got directly in its path on Saturday but it's strange that my kids would suffer symptoms before I do. In any case, I'm praying that either we actually don't end up getting it or that it just touches us lightly. I identified myself as a "high risk" case because of my asthma. Scary!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly What's Up On My Etsy!!!

Wanted to share some of my latest cards I've listed on my Etsy shop. I'm so in love with some of these designs and I hope you are too!
I've been really caught up this week in doing graduation announcements too! I needed a model and my cute friend Krystal was so nice to sit for a few photos. She made a lovely subject for this very poor photographer. If they turned out at all it's because she's so beautiful!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ramona the Pest

When I think "Beverly Cleary", I think of Margaret coming of age, and Ramona through the years. I had many personal moments entrenched between the covers of Beverly Cleary's chapter books when I was a child. Oh, the things I learned!

So we checked out Ramona the Pest awhile back on CD. It's about a kindergarten little girl and her experiences as a 5-6 year old. Now that I have a kindergartner, it's so interesting to hear what Beverly Clearly interprets going on in the head of a kid that age. She's probably right...I dumb Bugs down so much because clearly, she's still a baby and knows NOTHING. Boy, does she prove me wrong so many times.

Part of Ramona the Pest includes Ramona getting in trouble constantly at school while she waits in the morning for the teacher to come to the door. The other kids wait quietly in line while Ramona chases boys all over the schoolyard. As I listened to this, I was amused that she did that and thought, "oh, that little Ramona - such a funny little troublemaker".

Fast forward three weeks to our mornings standing in the kindergarten line. Collin is the little boy and Bugs (*sigh) Ramona.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's So Awesome I Can't

even believe it! I am so going to pee my pants this makes me so happy. Just arrived today (I've been anxiously waiting for what seems like 3 months) and I immediately cleared my schedule to install it on my wall. I had no idea I had so much jewelry! I'm not in love with all of it anymore but it's nice to see it all in one place where I can be more objective. Isn't it freaking awesome?
Little early Merry Christmas to me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fascinating Dental Update

Yeah, I know. These details might be just too excruciating for you. But I'm going to write them anyway because hey, it's just a barrel of monkeys around here and that's just as exciting as it gets.

I had tooth pain. That's where it starts. Thought I had a cavity. Yipee.

I even thought I knew what tooth it was. My experience with self identification of a problem tooth has always proven to be lacking as was in this case. The supposed tooth in question already had a root canal. Moving on with other methods to determine tooth causing grief. It was the tooth next door. It had a silver cavity filling in which some "stuff" had slipped underneath and caused "decay". Ewww.

So, I thought I was going to escape having a filling, but no. I instead had to undergo the removal of the silver filling and the installation of the new white filling, a scenario that has not always gone successfully for me. During such an episode, a certain dentist gleaned the title "Quack" from me due to the faulty outcome which probably wasn't even his fault. I've heard of numerous bad reports from friends about this process.

So I'm still numb. And isn't that just so pretty when you smile at strangers and they think you must be a stroke survivor or something. And you try to explain but your tongue is huge so there, you confirmed it. I headed straight home where at least Sandra, my babysitter sent from God knows I'm not mentally disabled - at least she doesn't let on that she thinks that. Did I mention she's sent from God?

The good news is that I don't really have a cavity after all. And at my age, it would be unfortunate that I'm still getting cavities. I haven't negatively changed my oral hygiene habits in years - on the contrary I can now say I floss 95% of all mornings. And that my friends, is a miracle in my little world of personal challenges.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Individual Pie Dishes

I am so excited! Cutest thing I bought. It just shipped and should be to me in the next few days. Have you ever seen pie dishes like this? I'm totally into making individual pot pies and stuff but have never had the perfect way to do it. Now I can make everyone their own little serving - and they're okay for the oven too!

Why is it that this little purchase makes me feel like a little old lady and her trinkets?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Way a Day Should Go

That was today...the way it should be when it's a day that can be chalked up to...well, good!

It's funny though because The Marshmallow thought I was grumpy all day. Perhaps I should work on my body language. Truth is, I was in a super happy mood all day. Things just flowed!

I got up at 8 am and felt well rested. The baby was up and The Marshmallow diapered her and brought her to bed. So great. We played for a bit while dad and Bugs got breakfast. I got up finally and fed the baby. While I was waiting for her nap, I ran a bath for her and after she was in, Bugs decided she'd get in too. Yay - two baths in one. Can't beat it! So they were both dressed and ready for the day...on a Saturday, who knew it was possible?

When Tink was grumpy, she was off to bed and I hit the shower. Wonders never cease that we're all bathed and ready for the day before 10:30! We normally do baths at night for that very reason. If we don't, by the time we're out the door, I'm red in the face and holding back my pirate tongue.

I addressed the envelopes for the Halloween party and The Marshmallow volunteered to stay with Tink while we went out and delivered them, and stopped at Costco. Ah, so wonderful to run errands without the baby. She's good but she now wants to get out of the carseat and sit in the cart and that in/out, in/out of the carseat makes me want to slit my wrist after 3 stops. Think happy thoughts...

So we stopped at several homes of Bugs' friends and saw how other people spend their Saturday mornings. Many robes at 11am. I was feeling like maybe my normal Saturday routine isn't that abnormal. But the weather was nice and it felt good to be out.

We got pizza and a salad at Costco and came back and ate at the house. I reorganized Tink's drawers and changing table while Tink whined at my feet. The Marshmallow didn't even try to intervene and it felt nice that he understood that she needs to get over the "I need to be held" phase.

I played with her but then needed to start dinner, do some laundry and ironing and The Marshmallow watched the baby while I worked. He didn't seen agitated and I was grateful. Uninterrupted work time is a rare commodity.

Bugs had about 4 different friends in and out of the house today and it felt good to have the doors open to friends...chocolate chip cookies, bubbles, sand, coats and little girls' laughter all through the house.

We had dinner as a family at the table. It's how we typically do it but I've been introducing Tinkerpot to the dinner table and it went great. I actually got to eat too.

Now the kids are in bed and I've taken off my "Mom" hat and put on my "I am a lazy sloth" hat and it's snug and cozy and I wish I could wear it more.

I guess my day went so great because the fall weather put me in good spirits and The Marshmallow is a great dad. Life's good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Charming View

So I finally got to work and launched my new Etsy shop, The Charming View. I design custom photo holiday greeting cards, invitations, announcements...what have you. I do all of, put in your custom photo, print and mail the envelopes.

I'm so excited! You know how much I love digital scrapbooking and this is just like it - and now perhaps I can make a little tiny bit of money while I'm at it!

I hope you like my designs! I'll be making new ones and posting them frequently so if you don't find something you like right now, check back in a few days!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Excited For Halloween

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was going to attempt to take on a 5 year old's Halloween Party this year. And I've decided to do it. I'm so excited! I've got the whole thing planned and am now working on pulling together details like food, games, decorations etc. It's so fun. I've been collecting ideas for years...years!

And now I get to use them. But first things first. I made the invitation tonight and I'm literally peeing my pants it's so cute. I can't wait to put them in the mail!

What do you think? Am I like the coolest mom or what?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Anniversary

Yesterday was my 9 year anniversary. Go us!

I spent a lot of the day thinking of us on that day 9 years ago and what was going on at various times throughout the day.

The day I got married, I spent the night at my mom's so I wouldn't see The Marshmallow until the wedding date. We weren't living together yet but I did see him a lot since he was in the process of moving into the condo we'd rented. I'd moved in a few weeks before when my lease was up. He actually stayed at the condo that night with his brother and they spent a good portion of the morning installing the satellite dish. Go figure. Men and their TV's!

I had pancakes for breakfast, made for me by my Grandma at my special request. Then I lounged all morning taking my sweet time in the bath and just being calm. I'd spent the last 4 months frantically pulling loose ends together. It was so stressful as I'm sure many brides can attest to. I was going to take it easy!

There were a few errands left to run that day but I assigned them all to The Marshmallow and his brother since up to that day, he'd had virtually no responsibility for the Big Day. Those errands ended up actually making him late (maybe it was that satellite dish that made him late!) which in turn caused me to wonder if he was really going to show up!

I got to the church around 2 and spent about 2 hours getting ready. His mother did my hair. A good girlfriend did my make-up and listened as I became increasingly agitated. My sister, Renee did all of my running around making sure everything was in place and people where were they should be. Her daughter Brooke was my flower girl and she posed for pictures at my feet in that cute way little girls do.

At 4pm the music started...and I started hyperventilating... Yeah. I did. I have pictures. I almost didn't make it. My photographer followed me out of the brides' room, down the walk and stood with me on the stairs while I tried to calm myself, and catch my breath before I opened the doors to go down the aisle. She was clicking away which was pretty funny looking back. I've got pictures of all of this!

I took the hand of my brother-in-law who later, at the alter, told The Marshmallow that I was "shaking like a dog sh**ing peach pits". The Marshmallow just grinned. I was near tears. This was my 2nd marriage and I was so scared! The bishop needed to ask me twice if "I do" because he didn't hear me say it the first time because I sort of whispered it.

When it was over, I got so drunk I spilled red wine all down the front of my white gown. Yeah, I was relaxed now!

Looking back on that day, it's hard to believe it was 9 years ago. We've had bumps like most people. But we've had awesome times too. I'm so glad I went through with it. I'm glad I have those funny pictures. I'm glad he showed up. I'm not glad I got drunk though. I was so sick afterward that we had to wait two days to leave for our honeymoon. Duh.

The Marshmallow and I have a funny little life together. We're unique people who have miraculously found another weird person in the world to join up with. We're two little weirdos having a weird little life. And I love him. He loves me. Happy Anniversary, us!