Saturday, October 31, 2009

**Sigh*** Halloween's Over

I'm always sad when Halloween's over. We had a super fantastic day.

It started early for me. In preparation for eating more food than is otherwise good for me, I took an early pre-dawn run which always makes me feel better when faced with mounds of goodies later. Too bad I totally tweaked my knee and will probably be down for the count for a week! Gah!

Then I was off and hopping to get Bug's Halloween party on its feet. This party...oh my gosh. You guys. It. Was. Fun. I was a kid in a candy shop and I definitely feel that I appreciated it WAY more than any of the kidlings! I have so many decorations and fun Halloween party treats to show you that I made but they're all on my camera in the other room, and I'm sitting here in my bed.

In other words I'm ... L A Z Y.... and don't want to get up right now. But I will. I promise. There were a few things that turned out so cute I couldn't believe I made them myself.

After the party, we hit the Mexican joint for some quick dinner and then we headed out trick r treating. This was the most fun year so far because we walked the neighborhood rather than driving because Bugs is now old enough to traverse numerous streets without getting too tired. It was awesome and we were in by 7:45.

We had a lot of fun seeing many of our good friends out on the street and for those of you we missed - hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

Many good wishes for your kids not throwing up all over their beds tonight!

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Rachel said...

What a fun day! I do want to see pictures though. I want to see what the girls were for Halloween. Come on, you can't have a Halloween post without pics.