Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Way a Day Should Go

That was today...the way it should be when it's a day that can be chalked up to...well, good!

It's funny though because The Marshmallow thought I was grumpy all day. Perhaps I should work on my body language. Truth is, I was in a super happy mood all day. Things just flowed!

I got up at 8 am and felt well rested. The baby was up and The Marshmallow diapered her and brought her to bed. So great. We played for a bit while dad and Bugs got breakfast. I got up finally and fed the baby. While I was waiting for her nap, I ran a bath for her and after she was in, Bugs decided she'd get in too. Yay - two baths in one. Can't beat it! So they were both dressed and ready for the day...on a Saturday, who knew it was possible?

When Tink was grumpy, she was off to bed and I hit the shower. Wonders never cease that we're all bathed and ready for the day before 10:30! We normally do baths at night for that very reason. If we don't, by the time we're out the door, I'm red in the face and holding back my pirate tongue.

I addressed the envelopes for the Halloween party and The Marshmallow volunteered to stay with Tink while we went out and delivered them, and stopped at Costco. Ah, so wonderful to run errands without the baby. She's good but she now wants to get out of the carseat and sit in the cart and that in/out, in/out of the carseat makes me want to slit my wrist after 3 stops. Think happy thoughts...

So we stopped at several homes of Bugs' friends and saw how other people spend their Saturday mornings. Many robes at 11am. I was feeling like maybe my normal Saturday routine isn't that abnormal. But the weather was nice and it felt good to be out.

We got pizza and a salad at Costco and came back and ate at the house. I reorganized Tink's drawers and changing table while Tink whined at my feet. The Marshmallow didn't even try to intervene and it felt nice that he understood that she needs to get over the "I need to be held" phase.

I played with her but then needed to start dinner, do some laundry and ironing and The Marshmallow watched the baby while I worked. He didn't seen agitated and I was grateful. Uninterrupted work time is a rare commodity.

Bugs had about 4 different friends in and out of the house today and it felt good to have the doors open to friends...chocolate chip cookies, bubbles, sand, coats and little girls' laughter all through the house.

We had dinner as a family at the table. It's how we typically do it but I've been introducing Tinkerpot to the dinner table and it went great. I actually got to eat too.

Now the kids are in bed and I've taken off my "Mom" hat and put on my "I am a lazy sloth" hat and it's snug and cozy and I wish I could wear it more.

I guess my day went so great because the fall weather put me in good spirits and The Marshmallow is a great dad. Life's good.

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Rachel said...

Ahhhh a perfect fall Mom day. You realize that you are truly happy when you are crazy busy. But I'm the same way. A good day is a productive one. I had to laugh at the "pirate tongue" I guess I've never heard your pirate tongue before :) But I do know that by 8 pm I am SO ready for the kids to be in bed! That's when I get really GRUMPY. I love the 2 hours of slothness, its my computer time, blogging, fb, you know. keeping up with all of you :)