Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ramona the Pest

When I think "Beverly Cleary", I think of Margaret coming of age, and Ramona through the years. I had many personal moments entrenched between the covers of Beverly Cleary's chapter books when I was a child. Oh, the things I learned!

So we checked out Ramona the Pest awhile back on CD. It's about a kindergarten little girl and her experiences as a 5-6 year old. Now that I have a kindergartner, it's so interesting to hear what Beverly Clearly interprets going on in the head of a kid that age. She's probably right...I dumb Bugs down so much because clearly, she's still a baby and knows NOTHING. Boy, does she prove me wrong so many times.

Part of Ramona the Pest includes Ramona getting in trouble constantly at school while she waits in the morning for the teacher to come to the door. The other kids wait quietly in line while Ramona chases boys all over the schoolyard. As I listened to this, I was amused that she did that and thought, "oh, that little Ramona - such a funny little troublemaker".

Fast forward three weeks to our mornings standing in the kindergarten line. Collin is the little boy and Bugs (*sigh) Ramona.

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Rachel said...

I heart Ramona too. I believed I was her when I was a little girl. But not quite as naughty. Bugs is just a little girl having fun. She is way to smart for her own good and that is YOUR fault :)