Thursday, May 31, 2007

He's Here!

Everybody! My newest nephew is here! He was born to my baby sister, Ellen and her husband Tony. He was born yesterday May 30th at 5:00am. So funny because it's only a day after Nat's b-day!

Ellen ended up having him almost naturally because her epidural wore off completely - I can't think of anything in the world that more aptly defines "tough".

Anyway, I don't know how long this little blog will be available but it's got pics and stuff:

Guess I'll be trekking to Idaho again soon...

Monday, May 28, 2007

What a Week!

It is Monday at 6:15 and I can see the end in sight! The end of this whirlwind week where all of my normal routines went completely out the window.

We went to the Aquarium, the zoo twice, Lagoon once, and everywhere else that Natalie desired. Mostly we spent time working in our yard, which is great because it really needed some TLC. It actually looks decent front AND back so now we can sort of relax and enjoy what summer brings.


We had a party for Natalie's 3rd birthday on Saturday and some of her little 3 year old friends came. It was a beautiful day, and all the kids had fun playing on Nat's new little playhouse thingie, jumping on the tramp and "swimming" in the pool. I'd share some of the latter pictures but I'll let their moms post them on their blogs if they want instead. Natalie's friend Cooper was the funniest of all - having a blast in water that was definately not warm.

Nat in her Playhouse

I think I'm coming down with something too! I woke up with a sore throat this morning and am dreading what's coming down the pike! I do NOT need another cold this year; they are brutal for me these past few years. I'm terrified.

But the good news is that Rachel Kahler is still in town and wants to run with me for the last few weeks that she's here! I ran with her Saturday morning and until then hadn't realized how much I'd missed her...and the getting out in the morning. I seriously haven't even talked to her except at church for about a month; that makes me feel like a terrible friend especially because of all she's been going through with moving and stuff. Anyway it will be great to go with her in the mornings until she leaves...maybe I can re-motivate myself to go by myself after she's gone. Something's gotta give; and I think it's going to be the seam in my shorts!

By the way, just to keep up my monologue on my New Year's Resolutions, I have not forsaken then (except for this past week) and have actually achieved most of my short-term goals that lead to the big goals. The biggest thing I've noticed is that my discipline has changed a lot and that was probably my biggest motivator for the crazy goal-setting I did, and the way I'm going about meeting them. My days use to start whenever, and I'd get a lot of little things done but I'd pitter most of my day away and never really feel like I accomplished much. And the house was never perfect, it wasn't ever cleaned properly nor regularly, the laundry wasn't ever consistently complete, I always had dishes in the dishwasher, clean or otherwise and I just didn't feel like my time was being utlized properly. But now when I wake up, I don't dilly dally over the newspaper or my email. I get to work on the list of chores in my head and when those are done, I can move on to the more enjoyable tasks I've laid out. And I feel good when DH walks through the door because I know that I achieved something and he can tell also.

Sorry for the huge long post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Word to the Wise

Fry sauce stains leather seats!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was reading this article in Time this morning about a "hidden" mixed marriage and how tragic it can be for those that are in it because of the external pressures. I about snorted my diet pepsi through my nose when I got to the part where they described it. It's "marrying outside your cute/ugly zone". Is that too much or what? They cited various marriages like Donald Trump and his wife, President Roosevelt (?), and a few others who obviously did not marry their "potential". They were talking about how difficult it can be for the "ugly" one because jokes are often made, they get harsh and annoying looks, and on and on it went. It summed it all up by discussing the merits of humor in dealing with rude people. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Is there not enough other news-worthy items to write about? Somebody really had to fish for this story...turns out the lady who wrote it says she's in a similar marriage and she's the ugly duckling. These are the things that drive me nuts about the world. Are we really not busy enough that we start inventing things to be worried about, inventing things that we are being discriminated against, inventing things to deliberate and worry about? WHATEVER!

On a different note, one of several thoughts in my brain tonight........Now, I'm not trying to talk myself up or something but I think I'm a pretty smart person. Not necessarily a logical person but intelligent anyway. I'm pretty sure I could talk intelligently in a conversation about biochemistry or pathophysiology or whatever science you'd care to discuss. So, WHERE in the heck was I when they news-flashed this business about EXFOLIATION! I know you're totally laughing at me but no one ever told me that exfoliation was what you did to have nice, soft lady-like skin. How dumb am I? I got this stuff from my friend at Christmas and I didn't even know really what it was for. Sure, I love the sugar & salt scrubs but I just thought they were foofy - not really for a purpose. But I was watching this dumb little movie last night called "Material Girls" where they actually discuss this whole process! I can't even believe I'm writing about this but this is what the brain deposited tonight, so sorry. Anyhew, I tried it this morning and WOWWWW! It's like I'm a baby again, okay at least my skin is.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Why does drinking soda in the Summer feel less healthy than drinking it in the Winter? Does anybody else feel like that?

I'm Not Pregnant

I'm not! Really. But, I've been thinking a lot about it lately. Do women think more about babies in the Spring? It seems like there's an awful lot of them right now!

When I was pregnant, it was Fall in the early stages. I remember smelling vividly lots of aromas [odors]. I can't tell you what they were either, but they all added up to one collective smell of "being pregnant in the Fall". So for the next two years in the Fall, I was bombarded by these smells that would take me right back to being pregnant - and the nausea I felt when I smelled certain things. This year was better and I didn't notice it, thank goodness. Winter smells weren't as bad unless I was around a citrus air freshner or anything citrus-smelling, or cooking meat. Barf! The only time I threw up was when I smelled a cooking pork chop. Sick.

Then there were the aches, the rashes [no details], the pains, the heaviness, the swelling, the ... And my pregnancy wasn't even that miserable! But do I want to do it again...thank goodness I don't remember all of it.

I guess I've been thinking more about it because I guess I need to give in and admit that it's time, I'm ready. I need my other kiddo here finally. No sense putting it off anymore. Our family needs to expand our horizons. Won't that be fun? Honestly, I can't wait.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The "other" Blog

If you were wondering, I decided to keep the "other" blog. It's more family oriented and it serves a purpose for me. You're welcome to read both if you'd like, or if you like - don't read any. It will be fun to fill up the proverbial pages on both blogs.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Oops - Nearly Forgot to...


Hi, I'm Jekyl & Hyde

Hello, what time is it? Oh, it's noon - well, then my name is Jekyl. I will amaze you with my resolve, commitment, dedication, purpose, and drive. Oh, you made a mistake? It's 6am? Well, then meet Hyde. I don't think we've met. If you think I'm doing ANYTHING besides drooling on my pillow well then, you can THINK again!

Yes, I have two personalities. Especially lately. For the past three years, I have resolutely gotten up in pre-pre dawn hours to spastically run down the street, and why? Oh, I don't know. It hasn't made my bum any smaller, as if that purpose should be the highest of all purposes. No, I've done it for the inner peace it brings me. The smoothness it brought to the start of each hectic day.

But lately Hyde screams out every morning at 5am when the alarm goes off. He convinces me it's really 2am, that I don't care about inner peace, that the clock is broken, that I already DID run (amazing isn't he?), that running is for losers blah blah blah. Every morning it's a new excuse or rationale.

I am nearly ready to chew my arm off in frustration! From the moment I actually get up to the moment I lay my head down again at night, I wish I'd run that day, and actually look forward to running the next day, but that's Jekyl's wish....not Hyde's.