Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Dropped My iPad in a Bathtub Full of Water

So many people post random things on the internet that other people find especially useful. I always wonder what inspires them to even post that stuff and then I wonder why I am such an information sponge...never giving back to the information superhighway.  Here. I am going to give back right now.

So here's stupid me, sitting next to my patient who is merrily taking a bath. I suppose that sounds like a strange job but hey, it's a  paycheck, right?  I'm working on my iPad in my lap when it neatly slips off my lap, slides down my legs and fully submerges itself alongside my patient's naked body.  Nice.

I instantly plunge my hands in and snatch my iPad quicker probably than I would have if an infant child had fallen in.  I had a moment to recognize that it was still on as I leaned over the edge to reach in and get it out.

I pull it out and as I grab the first dry towel I see, I again notice that it is responding to my touch. It is still on. I'm still hyperventilating too much to fully grasp that it is still on after submerging itself in water (ok, it didn't submerge itself...I submerged itself with my stupidity).  I dry the iPad off completely and then look at it not really sure what to do. So I turn it off.  From experience only do I know that water and electronics do not mix. I didn't want any random app to cause my iPad to do some alert that would fry its internal workings.

I had to finish my work day so I just put it in my bag. When I got home I put it in a gallon sized zip lock bag full of rice and left it until noon the next day. Overall it spent about 18 hours in rice.

When I got the iPad out of the rice, I blew all of the rice particles out with compressed canned air. Then I turned it on. It took a long time on the screen with the grey apple but eventually it went away and it came just fine. A few days later, I see no residual deficits from the incident. And I'm amazed. Such I guess is my luck.