Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wow, I Amaze Myself

I had a random thought today as I contemplated some of the things that I want to do in my life, both small and large. I startled myself with my profundity, and then found myself amusing because my profundity was rather simple and ordinary. Here goes. I am in control of my life. Hehe. Isn't that funny? What all of my personal decisions boil down to is...I am in control. If I want these things, then I am the only person in the way of achieving them. In this world, so many things are out of our control - how much our jobs pay us, how our kids behave (ok, so it's kind of in our control), weather, other people and how their decisions affect us, the prices of necessities and the list goes on. But the things that are totally within our power are our own behaviors, thoughts and decisions about our behaviors. Having said that, why then is it so difficult to achieve goals? These are the things we TRULY want! And I have control of those things! It came to me this morning...and I had a He-Man moment - I HAVE THE POWER!! I do. And now I just need to use it.