Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today - Another Exciting Day at the Homestead

I'm doing my almighty best to stick close to home with the Tinkerpot until RSV season has mostly done its worst. It's hard because I'm not a stay-at-home kind of girl. I mean, it sounds good for a few days but I get the itch to get out - anywhere: pharmacy....pet store..... ...... to get some marbled meats. Whatever.

So here I am ... in my house ... wondering what I can do to keep myself amused. Looking around it seems there would be endless opportunities for entertainment but cleaning the litter box and polishing my silverware is just the sort of thing I need to avoid in order to ensure I don't exceed my capacity for self-imposed jolly.

So I had a little affair with my new double-barreled curling iron today. Did I mention there's a science to its utilization too? You can't just whip it up into your hair and expect perfection. Especially with my hair. My hair can have a mind of its own. So here's the after pic from today's venture.
Not bad I think. Of course it's too bad that I look so fabulous today considering I have nowhere to go. That figures.

Later I found that I needed to drive my Jeep over to the dealership to find out why there's a puddle amassing under it whenever it's parked. They told me it's transmission fluid. Whew - thank goodness it's not SOMETHING TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE. So not only did I not go anywhere but the dealership today, I'll be housebound again tomorrow since the Jeep will be in the shop. Super Sweet. Tomorrow I'll be wracking my brain again to invent new and interesting ways to waste 12 hours. Any ideas?

Ooh Ooh Ooh - guess what? Guess who's back? Yea - my ankles! Wanna before & after to refresh your memory?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Facebook is Sucking Me Dry

It's like I have nothing to bring to the table once Facebook is done with me for the day. No witty commentary to share with the blogosphere. And it's not as if nothing interesting happens to me. Plenty of stuff happens. Like...hmmm...like, oh! i bought a new curling iron today. One of those double barrel numbers that's supposed to crimp up your hair. I don't know. I worked with it and made a real mess of my mop. I should do it again tomorrow and post a pic. Frightening!

Oh, and I need to wax my eyebrows tomorrow too. At $10 a pop, I recently decided I'd take on this skill and save myself the money. Let me just say that it's not something you learn overnight. It's a good thing I don't go many places. Eyebrows should be symmetrical - a trick that is definitely magic.

Hmmm. And finally... my binky war. I have completely lost it (that would be "how many times can I get mom to race into my room and re-insert the binky in my mouth" war). Ever played it? I'm not feeling the love. SP sucked her thumb. That sucker (haha) never needed a re-insert!

Am I getting a cold? Now that would be interesting.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Little Girls and Make-up

SP's friend Bethanie visited today and they asked to play with some kids' make-up that SP got for Christmas. This was the result. The glitter was part of some "glitter perfume" that is seriously intoxicating, and not in a delicious, sexy way. It's disgusting and my whole house smells like it. I guess every girl has to experiment with make-up or we'd never get good at it. Now that I think about it, perhaps some girls didn't experiment enough with it. After Bethanie left, SP told me she wiped off her own make-up because she thought she looked like a witch. At least she's aware!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please...Can Time Slow Down??

I did a little photo session with this baby today to commemorate her one month birthday. I'm shocked that it's already been a whole month that she's been in my life. I am already so addicted to the way her breath smells, how soft her skin is, all of her little sighs and snorts, and her calming influence upon my life...and our home. I call her Tinkerpot, which is an abbreviation for "Stinkerpot" and I've no idea where I got it from. So to supersede all other names I might have been calling her, this is her new bloggy name. I just love this little Tinkerpot.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going With the Gut

There have been three times in my life when I have met someone who I felt compelled to keep in my life forever. Just three! One of them occurred when I was fresh out of high school, young and impressionable and needed direction. And no, it was not The Cowboy. Just for the record, these are girlfriends I'm talking about because a girl just has to have her friends, right? This person has been in my life my entire life but I only felt strongly about her after I came into my own, so to speak.

The second happened when I was in graduate school and although this person and I had not much in common except a career choice, nevertheless I felt that if I let her escape, I'd regret it eventually. So I didn't. And she literally has opened up worlds to me.

The last time has actually happened repeatedly with the same person each time I am around her. I've known her since I was 22 and at that young age, I thought things of her that weren't kind. I was too self-centered to see her for what she really was - an amazing person. I've been her acquaintance since then but never a true friend. But each time I see her, I tell myself that I'll really regret it if I don't pursue a friendship with her more aggressively. I saw her again yesterday and those feelings again presented themselves. Two other times have given amazing and everlasting results. I can't be wrong a third time.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Night's Sleep Ever...

Last night...it seriously was! Despite the fact that I was up every few hours to feed Little Tiny (the Baby's new name - I call her that all the time, I don't really know where I picked it up from!).

See, for the last 8 to 9 months, my available sleeping positions have been side...and...more side. Sleeping on my back made me feel like my lungs were collapsing and my aorta was being pinched off and of course tummy sleeping was out. But my arms continually go numb after about 30 minutes of side sleeping so needless to say, sleeping has not been that enjoyable for a great while!

But last night...ah...I thought I'd try tummy sleeping again even if it meant squashing my ... other parts. It seems my abdomen has healed enough for tummy sleeping to be possible because I gingerly laid down, shifted a little...moved over slightly onto the little "bump" between The Marshmallow and my side, shifted again and drifted lazily into the most amazing sleep ever!

Things just keep getting better and better!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll Get Used To It

ooooh. so cute.

I couldn't put it off any longer and had to get to the grocery store for necessities. You know, blush, gum, and Diet Dr. Pepper (my new addiction, argh!).

Little did I realize what I was taking on now with 2 children. And while it definitely was do-able, it took my full attention. What do my friends with 4 do with their children while they shop?

I have a nearly 5 year old who still likes to sit in the front seat of the cart and had a hard time adjusting to the fact that she was relegated to the car-thingie attached to some carts or the alternative...good old fashioned walking! She decided to ride in the car. Then, put the baby carrier on top of the cart, not only could I barely see around the cart, since I'm so short, I can't see over it either! Fortunately my grocery store doesn't stack huge displays in the middle of aisles like some stores I know and avoid like the plague.

Then there's my surgery that's still healing and I'm shlepping the baby carrier in and out of my car which is painful, and pushing an ultra heavy cart around the store. I'm sacrificing for the cause. Gotta have the Diet Dr. Pepper!

I imagine the entire trip took 4x longer than it will in a few months because I'll be used to it and have a little routine with the carts, the Jeep, SP and where she stands so she doesn't get run over while I'm getting Baby out ..... etc, etc, etc.

To add a little fun to the trip though, I hit Deseret Industries and bought "fat clothes". I literally had "fat clothes" on my shopping list. I'm in worse straits than when I was pregnant because I'm not in maternity clothes anymore, yet I can't fit into anything I wore prior to getting pregnant. It's extremely interesting every morning as I try to figure out what will fit ... and what I can nurse in. And then to have the poo geyser (from yesterday) all over my one outfit that I fit into ... well, let's just say it's just nothing but a barrel of monkeys around here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Motherhood Indoctrination

If I wasn't fully indoctrinated into motherhood by my first daughter, then today's misadventure has ushered me in complete with a membership badge!

So there I was changing her diaper on my bed. I had her in the typical diaper changing posture - sort of spread eagle and I was applying the diaper rash cream which requires even a little more spread eagle pose. All of the sudden, it was like a poo geyser - only fast...and a lot! I literally was covered. Every single piece of clothing I was wearing, including my glasses, and all that she was wearing, AND all of the bed linens, and the bed frame behind me, were covered in baby poo. Yeah, that stuff that stains everything that comes remotely in contact with it.

I sat there stunned for a few minutes covered in my baby's poo, sort of startled by the power of the blast! And then I looked at the mess through poo covered glasses and started to giggle, then laugh out loud, glad that there were no witnesses. I mean, if you can't have a sense of humor about stuff like this you'll drive yourself nuts!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Caught Him In the Act

Yesterday The Marshmallow and I were talking about compliments. Like how many husbands regularly tell their wives they're beautiful or whatever. He NEVER tells me I'm beautiful - it's just not his style. And 14 + years with him is evidence that I truly don't really care just as long as I can tell that he loves me in other ways. And he does, like what he did here just because I was pregnant. (ooh, how great it feels to say WAS PREGNANT, lol!)

I did argue though that a woman likes to hear that her man is attracted to her just every now and then. His reply was, "well, you've never had a black eye, have you". Now that's love isn't it? Don't get worried - he has a funny sense of humor and the man, although has been pushed to the limit has never come close to blacking my eye, lol. He also said that he tries to show me he is attracted to me in other ways. He said, "we have two kids, isn't that proof?" I said, "yeah, either that or you REALLY love kids!" His romantic side just makes me giddy.

So to get on with my story, I have a little more back-tracking. Remember my bird-feeder that Kelly gave me for Christmas? The birds have eaten the heck out of it and it now sits, dejected and empty. It makes me sad to see it just dangling there with no winged visitors. But being so pregnant, and with a foot of snow on the ground, I didn't trust myself to climb up to fill it. And then after the baby came, I couldn't find the ladder. I mentioned this to The Marshmallow and he said I should put the feeder somewhere where I can fill it without risking my life. I asked him where the fun was in that!

Skip to this afternoon. I came downstairs after a lovely 2 hour nap and couldn't find him. I poked my head outside and I caught him trotting across the lawn holding a stick with something weird on the end. He grinned sheepishly at me. Now, sheepish is not a look I see often on his face so I thought to investigate further. I watched him as he walked over to the tree with the bird feeder, hoisted the stick up so a little black funnel thing hung over the mouth of the feeder. He pulled a little string and the funnel tipped to pour birdseed into the feeder.

So he doesn't tell me that I'm beautiful, but the man adores me - and I caught him showing me.