Sunday, August 24, 2008

If My Memory Lapses

DH decided to make tacos for dinner tonight, which in and of itself is kind seeing that it was 6pm and I was sprawled on the couch zonked out. He doesn't cook regularly.

I woke up as he began defrosting the hamburger and I couldn't think of where to escape since I knew what was coming next...the actual cooking of the meat. Ack!

But it never came! Finally I went upstairs to find out what was up and there he was out on the deck frying the hamburger in a pan ... on the barbeque!

Being that my emotions are on the fringe right now anyway, I was very near tears when I thought of how considerate he was to do that very inconvenient thing.

In the months to come when I might grumble about this and that marital issue, please remind me that I have a wonderful and thoughtful man who obviously cares a great deal about me. I heart him.

5 backward glances:

Tiffany said...


Mrs Furious said...

Now that is a sweet man! Wow.

Aislinn said...

How wonderful of him! I think it's great when the compassionate side comes through and you can see that they are thinking of the greater good!! WAY TO GO T!!!

Christy said...

Love it when that happens. Way to go DH! Amy really needed that too.

kelly said...

I love to hear the nice things about your husband! That was a really thoughtful thing for him to do.