Monday, August 11, 2008

I Miss Sushi

I've sort of been dreading DH saying, "Let's go for sushi!" because that means I'll have to deprive myself of something that I love. We both love sashimi and it's something I can't have right now.

DH wanted to go to Happy Sumo tonight and I went, of course because I can't say no to him. I had a spider roll and a baja roll and edamame while he ate the good stuff. Not that the rolls aren't great because they are! But I lusted after his plate for sure!'s worth it!

3 backward glances:

Steve said...

My wife is counting the few short days left now until she can have sushi, too. She's also missing all of the soft cheeses, like brie and gorgonzola.

Amy said...

i didn't know anything about the cheeses! why are those off-limits?

hope all goes well with your wife Steve! Let us know as soon as you can how it all goes and post pics too!

Katie said...

Cheeses have mold in them- live yucky bacteria. I missed the raw sushi too- Lets plan on going when that little one gets here to celebrate the survival of it all