Thursday, August 28, 2008

Firefox Snaplinks

For you Entrecard recipro-droppers who have upgraded to Firefox 3.01 and use Snaplinks, you'll notice that snaplinks is no longer compatible. Rather than give up on it, since it's such a handy little add-on (I'll explain its purpose below in case you've missed on this gem), then go here and download the new Snaplinks - the bug has been fixed and can now be used, thank goodness. I don't know what I'd do without it!

Snaplinks allows you to open multiple links (like in a long list) by simply using your right click to select and click to open. It's a terrific add on for mass droppers.

Check it out!

Sorry - I know this isn't my regular type of post but a lot of my visitors come from Entrecard and this applies to them!

3 backward glances:

Karlonia @ Firefox Snap Links said...

It's good news that they have made the Snap Links extension compatible with the new Firefox 3.x versions. I'm actually still using because I would rather not worry about various extensions not working and disrupting my efficiency.

Meanwhile, I have found that Snap Links works very well with things like the Entrecard drop lists and search results pages. It has been a real time saver so far.

Joy said...

thank you for this post! i've given up on it. yay for the update!

Anonymous said...

hithere. i didnt see a link, but i cannot find how to add snaplinks to the latest firefox elsewhere. can you post the link again?