Monday, August 18, 2008

The Improved Bathroom: Finally

The "master" bathroom has been 99% complete now for a month or so. DH has gotten a lot better at completing details and so I've had a nice room for a while. The hold-up in displaying his handiwork is that I haven't gotten around to getting it organized. Putting all the bathroom stuff back in there, and putting up my little organizational'll see what I mean.

I took pictures of all my favorite parts of the bathroom. But first, here's the "before" pics one last time for all you new readers who don't have the full perspective.

Note the ridiculously high window and beautiful green carpet. What you can't see is the nursing home border around the top of the room. Lovely.

And here are the things I LOVE in my bathroom.......

Check out the hardware - AND the lovely paint job done by who else...ME!

Blessed window that I can actually see out of!

Beautiful light fixture that makes me look ravishing every morning!

Love this!

This throne is so awesome! The lid is one of those non-slammable type where it closes slowly by itself. I LOVE it!

I love how uncluttered this looks without a big vanity. The mirror is perfect too!

Thank you Ikea!

No space on the sink - had to figure out where I could put these things. Ta -da!

Here's where DH's skill is highlighted. He's amazing. This floor took him ages to do. He's a perfectionist!

Blissful shower with this showerhead!

Now, all of this stuff was supposed to go back in the bathroom (um except the shoe and the basket of clothes). Guess what - I just threw it out! Way to de-clutter!

6 backward glances:

Aislinn said...

That looks absolutely amazing! I bet you just love going into your bathroom every morning to get ready for the day!! Thanks for sharring!

Chad and Abbey Hadley said...

I am completely jealous! It is gorgeous! Good work!

Christy said...

It is always fun to see a project finished. Looks lovely.

Heidi Sue said...

looks B E A UTIFUL!

self defense girl said...

Wow, your new bathroom is beautiful! You guys did a fabulous job.

Rachel said...

So awesome! You two make a pretty good team on the home makeovers you know!