Monday, August 18, 2008

My Annual Evaluation

I haven't had a formal evaluation since before I went to college when I was 24. And since I've been graduated, I've been either a contracted employee or an "as-needed" or PRN therapist - neither of which typically get evaluations for performance.

So tonight I had my first official one as an occupational therapist and what they had to say was neat. Here's a little bit of what my boss wrote:

"Many patients will tell me they met a cute, bubbly therapist last night, who taught them all about bathroom safety- this would be AMY (BUBBLY).She makes everyone happy and comfortable with her infectious smile. She is extremely consistent in her positive attitude and it is rare, if ever, you see Amy demonstrating a bad day."

However, they know me well. There was only one real criticism and that is that I have sometimes failed to return phone calls or emails. Yeah, this is totally true. I have this same problem in virtually all aspects of my life from my church calling to dealing with friends and family to dealing with creditors and other people who need to hear back from me.

I am terrible about that. And I'm sorry - I know I need to work on it and have known for a long time. I think it's a selfishness issue because I just hate taking time out of my day to return a call or answer an email that doesn't really need a response, especially when I've got so many other things going on. It gets worse the older I get.

But, all in all a good evaluation. I love being an occupational therapist. I LOVE it. I couldn't have found a more suitable profession for me. Being a therapist completes me in ways I could never have imagined. I'm so grateful that I persevered through the schooling. Not only is it the most flexible job I could have dreamed for as a mother, I feel like I actually make a difference with my patients. It's an amazing job. Believe me.

3 backward glances:

Rachel said...

I think the evaluation was a wonderful summary of you (as far as the bubbly part). I love that laugh, that starts as a giggle and then grows into a full laugh that is contagious. I'm sure your patients love having you around because you treat them like family. I know when my dad was in the early days of recovery your words of wisdom helped me deal with him better. I'll be coming up at the end of September to watch him for my mom while she goes on vacation for two weeks, perhaps you can meet him and give me some pointers on caring for him :)

Heidi Sue said...

You are a great person with a darlling attitude. You can't help but love you. I know how much it means to have somebody helping you that likes what they are doing. Your patients feel when you like your job, and can feel when people don't.Some people don't give you the time of day, and then there is Amy. You make people feel right at home like you have known them for a long time. I love the bubbly in you.

... To the Beat of My Own Drum said...

Congrats you bubbly person you.