Saturday, August 23, 2008

Does Anyone Know?

We love raw oysters and get them regularly whenever we go to a good seafood restaurant. We went to Market Street for lunch today and DH ordered them on the halfshell, but I didn't have any for fear that they were on the "avoid" list for expectant moms.

I know that most other fish is to be avoided in quantities more than about 2-3 oz a week but can only assume it stands for the mussel group too. Do they contain mercury also?

Can anyone help me?

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valentina said...

Hello! This is not to answer your question but to give you more information about oysters. Oysters are great but we really have to secure our safety at all times. Are you familiar with Vibrio Vulnificus in oysters? You may want to know more of it since your life will be greatly affected when this one attacks. THIS IS WHAT I KNOW.

Tiffany said...

My understanding is that what you have to watch out for is fresh water fish (trout, halibut, etc.) Other seafood (salmon, crab, lobster,?oysters?, are okay in moderation. But in the words of Lavar Burton, "Don't take my word for it!" Da-da-DA :)

josey said...

hi amy! i did a little google search and came up with this link that has some good lists at the bottom:

Eating Fish During Pregnancy

it mentions eating oysters twice a week is safe for pregnant women :) i found a few other lists elsewhere that said basically the same things. i hope this helps! :D