Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Poor little Mickey got his front claws removed today. He came home with purple bandages on his paws and he walked on his elbows (?). If I didn't feel so badly for him, I'd have laughed at his antics.

I think the vet must have put something on those bandages so he wouldn't try to gnaw them off but it didn't work. They were chewed off by 9pm.

There is a big fight against declawing I guess, from my quick search but we got this cat mainly as an inside cat so don't worry - we haven't jeopardized his life by removing his only means of defense. It wasn't even a materialistic need to salvage our furniture.

The only defense this cat really needs is against an over-zealous 4-year old. The problem was that he was really attacking her (in play) instead of defending himself and she has scratches all over her little legs. He loves to play with her, and in the mornings repeatedly jumps out from behind corners swatting and biting her legs and toes. It's gotten to the point where she locks him out of her room just so she can play in peace.

So I'm not a heartless cat owner who likes to inflict pain upon my pets. I just want peace on earth. What's wrong with that?

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