Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Don't Want To Be Frail

What a not great day, and come to think of it, what a not great month for my health that is. I'm just so frustrated with myself. I've got several issues that keep holding me back, causing me pain and wrecking my rhythmn. Today, I had a fun day planned for the girls since they're on Spring Break. We went to The Lorax and then as a reward for Bugs bringing home another stellar report card, I took them to the Discovery Kids' Museum.  I let them play there for about an hour and a half and I would have stayed longer except that my back was killing me! All I could think of was laying down on a heating pad - like an old lady!

This back pain has been getting worse and worse ever since I got pregnant with Tink. I thought that having her would also deliver me of the pain and it did for awhile but progressively it has been getting worse and worse again to the point that I'm practically back to where I was when I was pregnant - only having a limited stance tolerance.  I'm an active person! What am I supposed to do with this?

I had an x-ray and an MRI a couple of years ago with unsignificant results (a little arthritis was all they reported) which left me basically at square one.

I wouldn't be complaining lol, probably if it was just one stupid thing I was dealing with but I also have this very painful and very annoying knee pain on both sides! I have no idea what I did but it is killing me! I feel like I walk like an old lady - I have had to modify all of my routines and even getting on my elliptical exacerbates my pain.

These are not the only things I'm dealing with but I'd only bore you with the details of arthritis, and other infirmities.  I just don't feel healthy right now mainly because exercising is difficult and being so busy doesn't help my motivation to find extra time to do things that will only make me hurt worse.  I need to figure this out.