Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Little Girls and Make-up

SP's friend Bethanie visited today and they asked to play with some kids' make-up that SP got for Christmas. This was the result. The glitter was part of some "glitter perfume" that is seriously intoxicating, and not in a delicious, sexy way. It's disgusting and my whole house smells like it. I guess every girl has to experiment with make-up or we'd never get good at it. Now that I think about it, perhaps some girls didn't experiment enough with it. After Bethanie left, SP told me she wiped off her own make-up because she thought she looked like a witch. At least she's aware!

3 backward glances:

Kimmie said...

That is awesome. Bethie still has some of it off. I told her to go and wash it off...but you know how that goes!!!!

BURAOT said...

they're so cute..

Dinah said...

my little girl loves playing with make-up. i just hope those toy makeups are safe :-(