Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll Get Used To It

ooooh. so cute.

I couldn't put it off any longer and had to get to the grocery store for necessities. You know, blush, gum, and Diet Dr. Pepper (my new addiction, argh!).

Little did I realize what I was taking on now with 2 children. And while it definitely was do-able, it took my full attention. What do my friends with 4 do with their children while they shop?

I have a nearly 5 year old who still likes to sit in the front seat of the cart and had a hard time adjusting to the fact that she was relegated to the car-thingie attached to some carts or the alternative...good old fashioned walking! She decided to ride in the car. Then, put the baby carrier on top of the cart, not only could I barely see around the cart, since I'm so short, I can't see over it either! Fortunately my grocery store doesn't stack huge displays in the middle of aisles like some stores I know and avoid like the plague.

Then there's my surgery that's still healing and I'm shlepping the baby carrier in and out of my car which is painful, and pushing an ultra heavy cart around the store. I'm sacrificing for the cause. Gotta have the Diet Dr. Pepper!

I imagine the entire trip took 4x longer than it will in a few months because I'll be used to it and have a little routine with the carts, the Jeep, SP and where she stands so she doesn't get run over while I'm getting Baby out ..... etc, etc, etc.

To add a little fun to the trip though, I hit Deseret Industries and bought "fat clothes". I literally had "fat clothes" on my shopping list. I'm in worse straits than when I was pregnant because I'm not in maternity clothes anymore, yet I can't fit into anything I wore prior to getting pregnant. It's extremely interesting every morning as I try to figure out what will fit ... and what I can nurse in. And then to have the poo geyser (from yesterday) all over my one outfit that I fit into ... well, let's just say it's just nothing but a barrel of monkeys around here.

14 backward glances:

Christy said...

Ah, adjustments take time and some trail and error. I would LOVE to take you adorable girls for an hour or two the next time you need to go shopping. Mainly because I would love to snuggle the little one, Sarah would love to play with SP, and trying to tackle all of that while still healing from surgery doesn't sound like fun and it makes me want to rescue you from the next necessary shopping trip. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner, I looked at the home from the hospital photos and oh my GOSH, she is BEAUTIFUL!! congatulations!!

I completely understand about the grocery shopping. Since I'm barely five feet, I also found it hard to see over the cart with a baby seat clipped to the basket! I would put one kid in the cart itself and then just pile stuff up around him. You'll figure out a way to manage both of them soon!

Ellen said...

I put the baby carrier sideways at the back end of the cart, with the toddler in the front with me. I can still see everything I need to, and the baby won't fall out or anything since the carrier is cradled in the cart! Then you just hope you aren't getting so much stuff that there's no place to put it. Oh well, you will figure it out :0) luck!

kelly said...

You'll get the hang of taking two. But I usually leave the store in tears, so I'm not even gonna try to offer up advice on how to deal...

steph said...

moments like grocery shopping... and church... and restaraunts... library... that's how I dubbed my adventures as a mom as "running the circus"

Tiffany said...

this was my favorite post ever :) you are absolutely right...a few weeks, and feeling more like your old self will make a world of difference. but shopping with kids is not something I would label as "fun" ever :)

Steve said...

I am with you on that cart thing. I'm 5'10" and I can't see over the damned thing! :)

Early on, I would agree that shopping was a trial. At about 3 months old, my newest decided she didn't like the lights in the store and just begain wailing until I picked her up. So, that trip, I was holding her on one shoulder, pushing the cart with one hand and paring back the trip to only what we needed right then. :)

But now I go every chance I get, and take my time meandering around the aisles. I guess I'm an attention hog, because I like it when the ladies gush over my baby! "Oh, you want to tell me how cute my baby is? Sure. I'm in no hurry." :D

Amy said...

Christy: oh, you're so nice! i might really consider that for next time! thanks!

Elizabeth: thank you! yeah, there's got to be a better way than what i'm doing. i'll figure it out.

Ellen: what a great idea! i'll try that! who knew my little sis would be so full of great advice. but then you do have more kids than me - that's experience it and of itself!

kelly: todd just said to leave them both behind and go when he's home. that sounds nice to me.

stephanie: you're one of those friends i was talking about with 4 kids! amazing! i just don't know how you do it!

Tiffany: and you were one of the other ones! i'm sure it'll even be more fun when they BOTH can be crying for things they want and trying to get in and out of the cart! Bliss!

Steve: you crack me up! sounds like you're having a ton of fun!

Rachel said...

Oh I totally hear you on the DI run for fat clothes. I may have to give in, this baby fat isn't coming off as quickly as I had hoped. While the yoga pants have been great, I need to get something a little more suitable for the public.
Your brave to be out already, it took me a month and my first trip to the grocery store was Solo :)

Kimmie said...

Amy I love you! I remember those day when we first go home with Brooklyn. Now it is 10 times easier. So there is hope in the future. As fas as the 'fat clothes' go......I had that same prob....I feel your pain.

feefifoto said...

It gets better, really. Honestly it does.

Jonny's Mommy said...

I only have one, but someday we want to have another. Hmmm...here are some things to think about huh? Nice blog.

I'll be back. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

It took me about 6 months with my second (the third was much easier) before I could even get dressed before 4 p.m. You are doing great to be out and about so soon!

Mrs Furious said...

"Then, put the baby carrier on top of the cart, not only could I barely see around the cart, since I'm so short, I can't see over it either!"
LOL.... I can definitely relate to that!! I forgot about that.

My girls are 4.5 years apart and I love the age difference. Hopefully it'll work out as well for you.