Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going With the Gut

There have been three times in my life when I have met someone who I felt compelled to keep in my life forever. Just three! One of them occurred when I was fresh out of high school, young and impressionable and needed direction. And no, it was not The Cowboy. Just for the record, these are girlfriends I'm talking about because a girl just has to have her friends, right? This person has been in my life my entire life but I only felt strongly about her after I came into my own, so to speak.

The second happened when I was in graduate school and although this person and I had not much in common except a career choice, nevertheless I felt that if I let her escape, I'd regret it eventually. So I didn't. And she literally has opened up worlds to me.

The last time has actually happened repeatedly with the same person each time I am around her. I've known her since I was 22 and at that young age, I thought things of her that weren't kind. I was too self-centered to see her for what she really was - an amazing person. I've been her acquaintance since then but never a true friend. But each time I see her, I tell myself that I'll really regret it if I don't pursue a friendship with her more aggressively. I saw her again yesterday and those feelings again presented themselves. Two other times have given amazing and everlasting results. I can't be wrong a third time.

3 backward glances:

Renee said...

Hmmm, amazing that I can't put names to these people you are referencing. Perhaps with meditation. No, I'm serious.
I think I need another epiphany to figure out who those people are in my life.

Rachel said...

you are one of those people I want to hang onto... even across the miles.

Amy said...

Rachel - you are so sweet! thank you!