Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Anniversary

Yesterday was my 9 year anniversary. Go us!

I spent a lot of the day thinking of us on that day 9 years ago and what was going on at various times throughout the day.

The day I got married, I spent the night at my mom's so I wouldn't see The Marshmallow until the wedding date. We weren't living together yet but I did see him a lot since he was in the process of moving into the condo we'd rented. I'd moved in a few weeks before when my lease was up. He actually stayed at the condo that night with his brother and they spent a good portion of the morning installing the satellite dish. Go figure. Men and their TV's!

I had pancakes for breakfast, made for me by my Grandma at my special request. Then I lounged all morning taking my sweet time in the bath and just being calm. I'd spent the last 4 months frantically pulling loose ends together. It was so stressful as I'm sure many brides can attest to. I was going to take it easy!

There were a few errands left to run that day but I assigned them all to The Marshmallow and his brother since up to that day, he'd had virtually no responsibility for the Big Day. Those errands ended up actually making him late (maybe it was that satellite dish that made him late!) which in turn caused me to wonder if he was really going to show up!

I got to the church around 2 and spent about 2 hours getting ready. His mother did my hair. A good girlfriend did my make-up and listened as I became increasingly agitated. My sister, Renee did all of my running around making sure everything was in place and people where were they should be. Her daughter Brooke was my flower girl and she posed for pictures at my feet in that cute way little girls do.

At 4pm the music started...and I started hyperventilating... Yeah. I did. I have pictures. I almost didn't make it. My photographer followed me out of the brides' room, down the walk and stood with me on the stairs while I tried to calm myself, and catch my breath before I opened the doors to go down the aisle. She was clicking away which was pretty funny looking back. I've got pictures of all of this!

I took the hand of my brother-in-law who later, at the alter, told The Marshmallow that I was "shaking like a dog sh**ing peach pits". The Marshmallow just grinned. I was near tears. This was my 2nd marriage and I was so scared! The bishop needed to ask me twice if "I do" because he didn't hear me say it the first time because I sort of whispered it.

When it was over, I got so drunk I spilled red wine all down the front of my white gown. Yeah, I was relaxed now!

Looking back on that day, it's hard to believe it was 9 years ago. We've had bumps like most people. But we've had awesome times too. I'm so glad I went through with it. I'm glad I have those funny pictures. I'm glad he showed up. I'm not glad I got drunk though. I was so sick afterward that we had to wait two days to leave for our honeymoon. Duh.

The Marshmallow and I have a funny little life together. We're unique people who have miraculously found another weird person in the world to join up with. We're two little weirdos having a weird little life. And I love him. He loves me. Happy Anniversary, us!

4 backward glances:

Christy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here's to (raising a glass of apple juice) weird people making weird connections living weird lives. I like weird!

Tiffany said...

you guys are so cute. happy's to 90 more :)

Rachel said...

I hadn't heard that story. I can't imagine you nervous. Seriously, you usually have everything planned out. I guess love is hard to plan. Congratulations on sticking together!

steph said...

congrats Amy. I'm scared at the talk of marraige again. Can I do it? Thanks for telling that part, it was good to hear.