Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fascinating Dental Update

Yeah, I know. These details might be just too excruciating for you. But I'm going to write them anyway because hey, it's just a barrel of monkeys around here and that's just as exciting as it gets.

I had tooth pain. That's where it starts. Thought I had a cavity. Yipee.

I even thought I knew what tooth it was. My experience with self identification of a problem tooth has always proven to be lacking as was in this case. The supposed tooth in question already had a root canal. Moving on with other methods to determine tooth causing grief. It was the tooth next door. It had a silver cavity filling in which some "stuff" had slipped underneath and caused "decay". Ewww.

So, I thought I was going to escape having a filling, but no. I instead had to undergo the removal of the silver filling and the installation of the new white filling, a scenario that has not always gone successfully for me. During such an episode, a certain dentist gleaned the title "Quack" from me due to the faulty outcome which probably wasn't even his fault. I've heard of numerous bad reports from friends about this process.

So I'm still numb. And isn't that just so pretty when you smile at strangers and they think you must be a stroke survivor or something. And you try to explain but your tongue is huge so there, you confirmed it. I headed straight home where at least Sandra, my babysitter sent from God knows I'm not mentally disabled - at least she doesn't let on that she thinks that. Did I mention she's sent from God?

The good news is that I don't really have a cavity after all. And at my age, it would be unfortunate that I'm still getting cavities. I haven't negatively changed my oral hygiene habits in years - on the contrary I can now say I floss 95% of all mornings. And that my friends, is a miracle in my little world of personal challenges.

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Rachel said...

I'm having some dental issues myself. The bill is the most painful part for me. Dental insurance is terrible! Mine covers 20% of the crown I had down last March. Leaving my portion to over $800. I think next time I'll just live with it.
I hope the numb cheek feels better soon.
And yes, you're babysitter is awesome and spiritual lead in many ways.