Saturday, October 6, 2007

The "Random 7 Things" Tag

I was tagged yesterday by Steve of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (thanks for the linkaroo, Steve) with the Random 7 Things meme. You are to list 7 things about yourself that are more than likely unknown by most of your readers; and then tag 3 others with the same meme.

It's really hard to think of things about yourself that you don't consider boring or irrelevant. So at the risk of being boring and irrelevant, here goes:

1) I was 16 years old when I first realized I wanted to work in rehabilitation therapy. I was 30 years old when I finally graduated with a degree that enabled me to do so. I was grateful to never be one of those students who could never state their major. My course was always direct.

2) I recently started to collect giraffes (not the real ones, of course). Something about them appeals to me. I also have a fascination with fairies: they're just so dainty and fragile. I love them.

3) I once dated a guy who was convinced he'd be the first man on Mars.

4) I've been strangely attracted to Stephen King's novels and although they sometimes make me feel sort of icky inside, I've read nearly every single one of them. I'm sure before I finally tip over, I'll have read them all.

5) I have absolutely no clue how to change the tire on a car. Thank goodness for OnStar.

6) I have finally forgotten what it was like to be a teenager, and am okay with that.

7) I was 26 when my [now] DH educated me about the jetstream. Until then, I had no idea there were patterns to weather. Silly little girl.

Now for passing it along: I think I'll tag "FriendInMe" at My Pointless, Rachel at Simply Living, and Andrew from Everybody Loves Coupons. Have fun!

6 backward glances:

Life Is Beautiful said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Ya, that scary look is supposed to be one of the hottest looks this Fall. And I will let you know once I try those towelettes.
btw, You have a beautiful blog. Will visit again.

Steve said...

Very interesting! You know, I used to be a huge King fan. As a teenager, I read his books voraciously. I think I read everything up to It. It really made me angry. I felt so let down by the bogus ending that it was years before I read anything else by him. Unfortunately, the next thing I read was Needful Things... another great book with a really crappy, nonsensical ending.

I've heard he's figured this out in recent years, but haven't given him another shot. Can you recommend one of his newer books that you like? Maybe it's time to forgive him. :)

Rachel said...

Amy, thanks for the meme (I think). You continue to amaze me with the things you have done in your life. I'm grateful to call you my friend!

Sleeping Beauty said...

I am also ok with the fact that I have forgotten what it is like to be a teenager, I am only 24. I am however, scared to death, of what it will be like for my little ones when they are teens.

friendinME said...

thanks... er, um... I think... for the tag and the meme. I had to look up what a meme is for crying out loud. :) Now, I see it involves work. sheeeeshhhh.

SEVEN things about myself? crud. I only know six. I will have to ponder this... what if posting 7 things about myself doesn't fit with the theme of my blog?

(hey, that sounds like a good excuse!) ;)

friendinME said...

okay. assignment complete :)