Friday, October 19, 2007

The Rooster House at Gardner Village

When someone produces an honest act of kindness without thought for personal gain, and indeed is actually sacrificing something to help another, especially a stranger, it makes me stop and take inventory of my own values. I hope to think I'd do the same given the opportunity and all I can do is be prepared to help when I can. I was on the receiving end the other night and want to share this woman's kindness...

My friend, Katie, gave me the idea to go to Gardner Village's witch event where you can go on a carriage ride with a witch, then take in all the witches that are set up all over. The Supreme Princess and I got there just in time to get a good place in line, and then we found out they only take cash. I'm not really a cash girl. I have checks and lots of credit cards but hardly ever have cash.

Back up...I was at Gardner Village about a month ago and I was walking through The Village Christmas Shoppe and I handed the SP a few toys to look at while I browsed. True to form, I walked out of the store with them. I'd been intending to take them back several times and only got around to it on Monday when we were there.

So needing cash, I walked over to The Village Christmas Shoppe thinking that they might be able to help me (with a cash-over transanction), especially considering I was being that honest girl. No dice. They graciously accepted the items back, said thanks for being honest and turned me on my way. Not cool.

The next place I headed was the ATM at the main store. Evidently, I wasn't the only person with that idea because it was out-of-service, probably from too many transactions. Shoot!

Well, I had no other options so I tucked the Witch Ride out of my head and decided to go see the witches instead. I'd deal with the SP's disappointment later. I headed over to one of my favorite stores, The Rooster House, and headed in. I thought it looked a little promising so I explained my sob story to the lady at the front desk.

She said she doesn't ever do cash-over transactions them and wasn't even sure she could do a cash over transaction because it messes up the till but she'd see what she could do. I'd been wanting a candle in there anyway; they have the cutest ones there. So finally, after some figuring, she told me she could do it. I bought a green apple candle for $17.50 (everything's 20% off there right now until Halloween because they're going out of business after 7 years), and she gave me a $20.

Let me say again, she had every reason to turn me away. It was really inconvenient for her, and she had not a thing to gain. She didn't know me from the next customer and she could have treated me like that too.

I just want to say a big thanks to that lady and spread the word about a stranger's uncommon kindness. She made the SP's day. The Witch Ride was very fun!

2 backward glances:

Rachel said...

So do I get a star for jumping out of my car at an intersection today? The BMW in front of me at the Costco gas pump forgot to put the gas cap back on after he filled up. I tried to get his attention but he was talking with his wife. So out I jumped, knocked on the window and quickly explained that he had left the cap off, but that it was still hanging to the gas door.
Meanwhile, Brodie was in the car wondering what the HECK his mother was doing this time!
When is being nice to far over the edge?

Katie said...

Julie and I went there Friday night just to shop for a girls night out and it was their "Witches night out". We were seriously the only ones not dressed like a witch! It was so fun that we swore to get group of us together and dress up for next year.