Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Was Mistaken

about there being a men's compliment to the Rockin' Girl Blog Award. There is not! This is terrible news! I'm sorry! Not that anyone really knew who I was going to award it to anyway, but it makes me sad. I am now going on a quest to find a nice award that I can give to those blogs I was intending on awarding tonight. Perhaps I'll just have to create my own...which I think is a fabulous idea!

1 backward glances:

josey said...

hey amy...ruh roh about the Rockin' Guy Blogger award! :-0

i guess i was just going by what Erina said on my blog comments...she said the award was on Roberta's page (the original creator of the Rockin Girl award). it appears the name of the guy's award is really "Awesome Guy Blogger." well, at least that's what Roberta came up with...:) it seems some people do call the award "Rockin Guy Blogger" so who knows. hehe :)

so dont fret!! hehe! you can either give that puppy away or like you said, create one of your own!! i think that's awesome :D or heck, do both!!

have fun!!!! =D