Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Cooking

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate cooking. And lately, a few things have happened that lead me to believe that I actually sort of suck at it anyway. I think most of the things that I put on the table are only semi-palatable. I’m a fairly non-picky eater so I don’t even think I notice whether it’s good or not – it doesn’t gag me, I’ll eat it.

I do like to bake though. However, I don’t believe that really much that I even bake is “divine”. I make a loaf of bread…it’s good. I make a pie…it’s alright. It’s never “wow!” I’m alright with that.

Even when I think I am making something that’s really good, I’m not sure. By my standards it is, but I really don’t get the impression it’s all that super!

So lately I’ve been feeling bad because I’ve been so busy (or disorganized) that I’ve really been putting sub-standard meals on the table. I mean, not even good by my standards..not to mention not-aesthetically-pleasing. So I decided to whip up a batch of tamales.

I LOVE to make tamales. I think it’s because it’s quite an intense process, and it gives me such a big sense of achievement once they’re done. Again, I think they taste great! And since mine is the only raving review I've ever received, I’m starting to have seriously low self-esteem about my cooking. I have had raving reviews about my lasagna but hey, that’s just 1 meal in how many?

So anyway about these tamales. I learned to make them about a year ago and it’s like an art project! It takes creativity, and a little precision, and patience to make them perfectly. And when they’re all done…they are so yummy…to me.

So if anyone ever is looking for a seriously fabulous lasagna recipe, I’ve got one. If anyone ever wants an average tamale recipe (but I think is fabulous), I’ve got one. Otherwise, just remember that I’m pretty sure that my cooking stinks and that most of my recipes probably do too.

***Re-reading this post makes it sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself and I’m looking for pats on my back. No, that’s not my style. I’m just finally putting down on paper, as in a catharsis, what I’ve known for some time. And I’m good at other things thankfully.


7 backward glances:

Steve said...

I'm sure your cooking is EXCELLENT!

Those tamales look good. You're right about making them, and if they taste as good as they look, you're in great shape.

I make foolproof pot roast. It's good every time, doesn't take a lot of prep and is very forgiving and flexible. Shoot me an email if you want the recipe. I also make a killer sausage/chicken jambalaya.

Oh, and I'll take your tamale recipe, too. :D

Sarcasm Abounds said...

I'd be interested in the Tamale recipe, if you care to share.

My wife is obseesed with them, but we ususally buy them from a nearby restaurant. I could take a stab at making them.

Rachel said...

wait a minute, all this time I thought you were a fabulous cook! The freezer meals, the recipes, come on, now your saying it's just ok.
I doubt that highly :)
The tamales are fabulous, I've had one. mmmm I can taste it now.

Shelby said...

I don't know the first thing at making tamales, so good on ya, so in my book, that bumps you up to "great cook"!

Mad goat lady said...

I find the trick is to find a few dishes that you are spectacularly good at and stick to them...that way people are always impressed! Hahahah.

Am really enjoying your blog and have added you to my blogroll :)

Jessica said...

I love making tamales too!!! Most of my friends don't even know what masa is!!! : )

Amy said...

thanks for all the comments! As a side note, I ordered the tamales at a local favorite (supposedly authentic) Mexican restaurant the other night and was sorely disappointed. I thought my tamales were WAY better. I wish I was eating my own, which I suppose is a good sign!