Sunday, October 28, 2007

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So we just got back from a short weekend at my in-law's. Yee-haw. It was cattle-herding time and it looked pretty fun (DH's dad owns a small cattle ranch). We, of course, don't own a horse yet but if we did, DH and I would have fought over who got to help herd the cattle down the canyon with the rest of the family and I think DH would have won since he's actually done it before. Two of my sisters-in-law helped out and I wished I'd been along for the ride.

It was an interesting weekend on many fronts. In-laws, I don't care what you say, are a breed unto themselves. And DH can say that with as much emphasis about my family. We got family on both ends this weekend; mine on Friday, his yesterday and today and I'll tell you what: I'm glad to be back home with just mine to deal with. It's nice...just the three of us with our simple dynamics and nice familiar problems that only involve our simple-little selves. However, it's one of the rare weekends when after, I can say, "I am SO SO SO glad I went." 'Nuff said there.

On the other "family front", I haven't been close to my dad in a very long time and actually don't see him more than once every couple of years. He's a funny and quirky man who makes it difficult to not only get close to, but to love. But while he was here we talked about a lot of stuff. I don't have brothers or any other man in my life besides DH to get the male perspective about stuff. When I am arguing with DH about something, I literally just think he's insane and illogical and flounce off with my superior wisdom. Not that my dad and I were discussing my marriage, because frankly, his and my relationship (dad and I) hasn't earned the right to broach that subject, but his take on life is absolutely male. He was able to shed some light on some topics from a male view that definitely helped me understand where a man might come up with some of the ridiculous ideas they get. And it was refreshing actually. Since I've not spent much time with my dad since I've been an adult, and don't have other men to talk with besides DH, I feel I've been at a disadvantage. It might be nice to have another man to throw ideas at just to see what happens to them before I launch them on DH. I've gotta think about that. It opens up some real vulnerable places in me that I'm not sure want to be opened.

This week's posts might be more related to some of the many activities the Supreme Princess and I have been up to. I feel like my life is in whirlwind mode and I might as well document some of that fun - DH says he's been reading my blog and if he knows where some of these cute pics are of his baby, he might pull them up to brag them to his friends and co-workers. Just a thought, hon.

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Rachel said...

In-laws, I love 'em because I have to, but many times I love 'em because they are so much a part of my life that I can't imagine what my life would be without them.