Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Haunted House

My mother has many talents and one of them is the under-valued art of plastic canvas. The woman has many zillions of projects in her life, one of them was to create every last piece of furniture needed to equip a Barbie house. Most plastic canvas projects come with patterns to make the various pieces, but she doesn't need no patterns! Heck no! She created the patterns of all of this Barbie furniture - and anyone who has done plastic canvas knows that that's not an easy task!

Plastic canvas, if you've never heard of it starts with a bit sheet of plastic with little tiny holes in it, a needle and a skane of yarn. You put the yarn on the needle and them put the needle in the holes, sort of like counted cross stitch but on a plastic grid, creating a pattern as you go.

So I was at my mom's the other day and of course, she had her Halloween decorations all over the house. But the one that caught my interest was the haunted house she had on her dining room table. And I wanted it! But alas, she would not give it to me, nor make me one and I was forced to slink away with the pattern back to my house where I've spent the past week cutting out all the pieces, collecting yarn and fortifying my patience for the long task ahead.

DH aptly expressed it when he said, "you're never going to have that thing finished by Halloween!" That's probably true! But it will be done by next Halloween, for sure! Here's a picture of hers.

4 backward glances:

Chrsity said...

Your Mom does beautiful work. The Haunted house is way cool. Good luck with your project!

Mike said...

Don't they have machines that can do that now?

Either way, it looks good, especially as I couldn't and wouldn't try something like that. That and it involves no power tools :P

Tish said...

Wow. Your mom did a beautiful job. I want that haunted house too!

I love cross stitch, but I've never been very good with plastic canvas needlepoint. My grandmother used to make some beautiful pieces though!

Can't wait to see your haunted house!

Andrew said...

Amy, that is really amazing! Tell your mom she is the Queen of the Cross Stitch! She's seriously talented and I want one, no two of those haunted houses! And I can't wait to see how yours comes out.

She must have some great Thanksgiving-themed ones too!