Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Left my House

...today with neither mine nor Natalie's bed made. The dishes were NOT in the dishwasher and in fact, a half stick of butter is still sitting on the sink amongst a lot of other crap I left there from last night including half a piece of cooked chicken nobody ate.

Natalie's toys are all over the front room, a bag of chips is sitting open, on the couch...the laundry DID NOT make it to the laundry room nor did I do any laundry this morning before I left.

I barely even opened the curtains as I walked out the door feeling more than a little frazzled.

As I walked down the hallway toward the front door, I passed by my office which is usually relatively tidy. A hurricane must have blown in there overnight because every surface is a mess. It's obvious I was gone for a few days but what the heck did I do yesterday anyway?
I looked at my computer and I sighed. My calendar stood open on the screen and nothing was listed for today; which means that I did not organize my week and that's why my house looks this way. Those of you who know me well, know that this is not my typical pattern of behavior. Those of you who don't know me well are probably thinking, so what?

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you know about my New Year's Resolutions back from January, which for those of you who thought I'd forsaken them, I have not. I got a little distracted this summer but I have not forgotten even one of them.

The state of my home, as well as my routines that keep me sane, prove to me I need to get back into the habit of planning my week ahead and keeping to a schedule (both of which are part of my resolutions). Life is much smoother around the Nielsen place at all hours of the day, if mom is organized. DH is known to roll his eyes when I discuss my organizational habits but even he is likely to agree we're all happier when I am keeping a schedule. Better luck tomorrow.

4 backward glances:

Shelby said...

Good for you, Amy! Now I don't feel so bad!!!

Rachel said...

Amy, my hero has fallen off the wagon! I am so sad I couldn't figure out how to balance family and friends during my trip last week. I am already suffering from true friend withdrawls. One night just wasn't enough to keep me going for many more months!

ellen - aberwiltonel said...

i totally understand ame, when i get off schedule, the house goes to pot. it's like "what happened here?". the funny thing is, if tony stayed in bed all day, the house would still look great at the end of the day. if I stayed in bed all day, EVEN IF I DIDN'T TOUCH A SINGLE THING AND THE KIDS WERE ELSEWHERE, the house would still look like a tornado hit it at night. go figure.

Jessica said...

Girl, I know how you feel. I get seriously depressed when my house is crazy for too long, but if I don't make schedules, my house is in the same shape. I admire you for trying to keep on it! : ) If you find a magic system, share it with me!!!