Thursday, December 6, 2007

Playgroup Christmas Party

I am a member of a group of girls that for the past 3 years or so, have been getting together each Friday for some "oh, there's my identity" time. We all have children the same age, who have grown up playing with each other. Most of us have known each other pre-children, and so to go from that to post-children, it's been fun to see how each of us handles parenthood. Some of you probably remember my first post about my Friday Playdate group from my 1st blog that has since, been deleted.

We have an annual Christmas party where we invite the spouses, and kids of course and we have dinner, exchange gifts etc.

This year, it's at my house, which is great! I'm really excited! Usually we do this potluck style but this year, I really wanted to freak them out and cook it all myself. But we know how me and cooking...from this post, and also this one.

I'm pretty nervous...all of the sudden. DH's been considering helping out and doing a prime rib roast but if that falls through, I want to do lasagna, a favorite of mine that's tried & succeeded. However, I'm also making a shrimp-type appetizer with chipolte peppers and other funky things. Obviously I've never made this appetizer before. I hope it's good.

There's a spinach salad, and I'm going to make french bread because I actually can make bread. I've mostly conquered that mountain.

Lastly, because of the influence of Kelly, I've been watching The Barefoot Contessa and she made this dessert the other night called Croissant Bread Pudding that looked pretty good! She said it was her #1 most requested dessert. How can I go wrong with that? Even if the whole rest of the dinner sucks belly-button lint, at least I'll send them off with a great dessert!

I don't pretend nor do I want to be a foodie. I'll leave that to those with real talent. But I like to dabble a little, and who doesn't like to wow their friends? If I have just a few "WOW" meals in my recipe box, I can succeed at least on that front. I'll report

5 backward glances:

josey said...

i'm sure it'll be great! i love the barefoot contessa. at first, she creeped me out because she reminded me of Kathy Bates on "Misery." EEP! but then after i watched a few episodes, and saw her with her cute little hubby, she kinda grew on me :D

anyhoo, cant wait to hear how it all turns out!! save some dip and bread for meeeee ;)

(hey, did the end of your post get cut off?)

Amy said...

Hey I just caught your post on Mrs. F's site...

my name is Amy (and I hate it too) and I'm an OT! How's that for coincidence!

...although I do not enjoy the feeling of floss hitting into my gums.

What area do you work in? I'm in peds; mostly CP, neuro disorders.

kelly said...

I have made this before and I loved it. I don't dig raisins too much so I used craisins and it was delish.
Also, sort of season appropriate for this time of year, don't you think?
Bread pudding is kind of a dessert that you either like or don't. It has a texture that some people find odd at times. (my dad, brother and Kelly didn't like it...maybe dudes don't like it? Hmmmm.) But, I hope all of your guests like it. I think it's yummy. said...

The bread pudding sounds great!

Amy said...

josey; funny! no, i totally forgot a period! but good eyes girl!