Monday, December 3, 2007


After an extensive conversation with the techie who runs DH's office network, I've decided two things:

1) Never buy another Belkin router; and in fact, take the one back I bought and buy a Lynxys (sp?) The Belkin obviously is crap.


2) Never buy another HP Pavilion; and in fact, take the one back I bought and buy a custom-made laptop. The HP is obviously crap.

Reading this back now makes this guy sound like a really great salesperson! Hmmm. Am I a sucker?

2 backward glances:

kelly said...

get a Mac.
Easy to troubleshoot.
I now have reasons.

friendinME said...

I agree with the techie on the router... I've never had a good time with Belkin anything. Linksys routers are easy and reliable.

Getting a custom made laptop isn't necessarily a good thing. It still depends on who makes it and what parts are used in it.

After years of doing this stuff and helping people purchase computers, I suggest that for most people, purchasing a computer at Best Buy (or similar store) is best because you can actually take the computer there to get it fixed or troubleshoot. If you get a bad one, you can return it same day. AND... get the service contract.

HP isn't a bad brand but it is not a high-end computer that a techie would fall in love with. HP has been around long enough to show that all HPs aren't junk.

I see Kelly's suggestion for a Mac, which is a matter of personal preference. My son has a Mac and loves it. I have a Mac (a very nice one)... and I absolutely hate it. I think that it is, in terms of technology, a step backwards in everything but handling graphics. That is why I always use my Windows laptop and desktop.

Don't you just hate it when you buy something brand new... and someone else tells you it is crap??? lol. Sheesh.