Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Computer

Friday, I unexpectedly received my new laptop! I wasn't expecting it for several more days, and I literally had to drive to the airport to pick it up or I wouldn't have gotten it until Monday (the horror!)

It was up & running late that evening but was giving me lots of quirks, especially since I know absolutely nothing about Windows Vista and Microsoft 2007. I'm still very lost! make things even more complicated, Saturday DH and I decided to buy a new router since our old one kicks us off several times a session and has annoyed both of us to our limit. I'm talking like 3-4 times in a couple of hours! No good.

So we bought this new thing and neither of us know A SINGLE THING about setting up a wireless account. It took hours, let me tell you. Even then, either my laptop or his wasn't working, and then when they both connected, it was painfully slow.

In the interim, I was starting to go into withdrawals from internet denial, so I re-hooked up my old router and so, here I am.

And since I just found out I'm known for putting the LONG STORY LONG...that's why my posts have and will likely to be sporadic for the next few days until I figure this out.


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Anonymous said...

i have a super (i.e. crazy advance) gateway laptop now and it is great. for what i paid for it, it better be! but i discovered a computer company by the name of 'zonbu' ( and they make "green" laptops and computers; really cheap too. i am thinking about putting the gateway to rest and gettin' "green".
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Amy said...

marcus...too bad i hadn't heard about that before i bought this one. i like this laptop okay but i'm not SUPER impressed with it. sadly, i'm thinking my pc still kicks its butt and that's sad. i really did do my research! maybe i'll give it a day or two more before i decide. :)

La delirante said...

Congratulations on your new laptop!! On Saturday I was having a look at laptops :) Ours is still very good but I believe that with these technological things :) one has to update them and stuff...(I am not a computers whiz ;) so I get easily lost with them, I am one of those who "talk" to the computer lol)

Have a lovely week!

josey said...

awww amy, im sorry bout all your frustrations!! luckily, my hubby is a puter geek so he takes care of mostly all our technical stuff like that. i've learned a little bit, so i can troubleshoot here and there, but still, he's the IT out of the two of us. hehe!

last year we got a Gateway laptop and we're really enjoying it. in fact, hubby now uses it as his main "pc" and i inherited his old one! haha!

i hope soon you'll be able to enjoy your new laptop with a reliable connection! we have Vista, but i dont have it installed. for now, im sticking with XP pro...a lot of software i use isnt compatible with Vista yet, so i feel for you and hope you catch on quickly!

and dont worry about the babbly, sporadic posts. i enjoy reading them! =D

Jessica said...

Good luck! : )

Rachel said...

Good luck with Vista, it's a bit touchy... having worked with MS last year when they launched it I heard some of the in-house concerns from the Seattle folks. MS is evil, pure evil...

Amy said...

what it all boils down to folks, is that i'm spoiled. here i sit in front of two computers which really do work perfectly fine compared to a typewriter and i'm complaining about well, stupid things. i'm american, what can i say?