Friday, December 14, 2007

This Is What I Did Today

It's a tradition among my sister and me (that's correct grammer, folks - like it or not...yeah, it's a pet peeve when people mix it up) to make these little tins of popcorn & sometimes other goodies for people in our family that we don't often see. These people include our dad who lives in Denver, a couple of our great-aunts, some cousins, a few in-laws on her side, and our other sister who lives in Idaho (that'd be Ellen, our own little fertile-myrtle -sorry L, ya know i luv ya).

We've been doing this for about ten years now. It's quite a chore! It takes us nearly all day since usually we add in something we've not done before like for the past couple of years we've been doing cinnamon popcorn which is awesome to make, and really good if not a little spicy!

Today, we were very harried (crazy season!) and since we put it off so long this year, which isn't typical, we were in a crazy rush! Good thing we've done it so many times because we've got the system DOWN! We busted out 5 gallons of caramel popcorn (the best you've ever tasted, might I add), in about 4 hours including baking time!

I hope all of our families enjoy it. Funny, we usually don't ever hear back if anyone even got it. Oh, maybe it's not the best caramel popcorn you've ever tasted...maybe I should discuss that with Renee (hmmm, got me thinking). But it's alright - we do it for how it makes us feel! It's like an extra-special christmas card hand-made

It wouldn't be worth it if my sister and I didn't have so much fun together!

8 backward glances:

Jessica said...

When can I be expecting my package? You DO have my address, right? I'll be checking the mail every day, waiting for my popcorn! : )

Amy said...

If you send me your address, I'd be GLAD to send you some! I have SO MUCH left over and all that's left for me to do is to eat it myself...which is bad bad bad!

friendinME said...

I see Jessica's comment... are you taking orders?

I think it is pretty cruel to post that picture and then leave us to suffer with our own stale boxes of "Crunch-N-Munch" crapola.


btw... would never guess that other person in the picture is your sister. :)

Jessica said...

Okay.. your meez lady is continuously cracking me up! I love her!!!

Amy said...

FriendinME: are you being sarcastic about me & my sister, or serious? we get it both ways, like we look nothing alike, and then others think we're twins. it's weird. we do have nearly the same hairstyle though!

Jessica: She is funny isn't she? There's so many things she can do, I'll just never get through them all!

josey said...

i love traditions! i rarely make any sort of goodie around the holiday anymore, but back in college my roomie and i would make enough cookies for our whole dorm floor! LOL! plus some for us to eat. ahhh no wonder i somehow gained 30lb during those years. hehe!

btw, i'll be emailing you my mailing address. LOL! ;) (j/k!)

friendinME said...

My comment meant "it doesn't take a genius to see that you are sisters." I thought that you might be twins. :)

Rachel said...

No WONDER you are never bored! You never tired of doing amazing things!
Your family really should at least let you know the package was received. Chad's mom goes through great strides to put together a care package and has done so since 92 when he moved to Utah. Unfortunately the sugar cookies NEVER end up in good condition. Chad won't let me tell her that she should stop including them, they arrive as pieces to small to even eat. I'd love to have the recipe for the popcorn, it sounds yummy!