Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Aftermath

As mentioned in this previous post, we had a Christmas dinner party tonight for members of a long-term playgroup that the Supreme Princess and I are a part of. There were four couples, and 7 children who came; a small, manageable group but still enough to make for lively conversation. There are more of us in this group but this is the core...

(top left to right) Jamie, Lynn, Korina, me.
Unfortunately and strangely, most of my pics didn't turn out but I got hold of some that Jamie took so at least I got a few. Here's Jamie with her two little turkeys.
Tuckin' in....
We ended up roasting a prime rib instead of the lasagna. It was our first and DH was all over it. We even grated fresh horseradish. It was absolutely perfect!

I got my hands on a spinach salad recipe that was phenomenol! The ingredients don't sound like much: apples, turkey, raisins, peanuts, toasted sesame seeds and then a dressing of honey, vinegar, oil, curry. Toss it all up with spinach. It was a girl salad - a little sweet but so great! It could have passed for a light lunch by itself.

The Croissant Bread Pudding: to die for. That's all I have to say. It was a huge hit.

When everyone was gone and I looked at the mess, I was reminded of a party I went to last year where as a gift, I received a little ornament that said, "I am grateful for the mess after a party because it shows me how many friends I have." Or something to that affect. I am grateful for my mess. It was a wonderful night.

3 backward glances:

Jessica said...

Yummy! Christmas is right around the corner... hard to believe!

josey said...

LOL your meez is crackin me up...its almost like she's doin the "TEQUILA!" dance peewee herman does...only with out the arms and in place. hahaha! other than that, its totally cute :D

i'm so happy your get together went so well! it always feels good when you dont have snags in the food department =D i'm sure the barefoot contessa would be proud :):)

btw, your home is beautiful! and it was cool seeing pix of you and your dh :) he should have been wearing a santa's elf hat since he was such the little helpy-helperton. hehe!

enjoy your sunday!

Rachel said...

Amy, the house looks beautiful. So full of Christmas cheer. I'm glad the meal went so well. What a fun tradition with those girls.