Sunday, December 9, 2007

8 Things Meme

I got tagged by Josey for the "8 Things" Meme. It's sort of a little narcasistic meme....and so it was great fun!

8 things i’m passionate about:
1. My family
2. Christ
3. Raising a well-balanced child
4. Self-discipline
5. My career
6. Planning and organizing
7. Reading
8. Being a good friend

8 things i say often:
1. Just a minute
2. Are you hungry?
3. Do you need to go potty?
4. Take a bite
5. I love you
6. You’re so cute
7. Please
8. Thank you

8 books i’ve read recently
1. Twilight Series
2. Lisey’s Story by Stephen King
3. My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult
4. The Last Days of Dogtown
5. The Hobbit
6. The New Testament
7. Harry Potter (all but the last)
8. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

8 things i want to do before i die:
1. See my grandchildren
2. Live on a farm
3. Serve in a natural disaster
4. Gain control over my health
5. Be at peace with myself (at all levels: spiritually, physically, emotionally etc.)
6. Own my own business as an OT
7. Retire comfortably
8. Be my daughter’s best friend

8 songs i can listen to over and over again, and probably have:
1. Little Wonders, Rob Thomas
2. Forever Young, Alphaville
3. Every Little Kiss, Sara Evans
4. What a Way to Wanna Be, Shania Twain
5. 100 Years, Five for Fighting
6. Died in Your Arms, Cutting Crew
7. Shut Up & Drive, Chely Wright
8. That’s Where it Is, Carrie Underwood

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. They make me laugh
2. Creativity
3. Similar interests
4. Everyone’s weird but they’re “weird” my way
5. They aren’t smothering
6. They’re there when needed
7. They’re positive & encouraging
8. Understanding and accepting of my challenges, flaws and difficulties

8 things i learned in the last year: Only 8?
1. That self-discipline will be an on-going goal.
2. I didn't die when I gave up coffee.
3. Teaching my daughter that sometimes overcoming fear can result in having a lot of fun (water-related specifically) was tough-love, but that it pays big-time in the end. We both learned from that lesson & had loads of fun after a little discomfort.
4. Summer makes me lazy.
5. It’s easier to stay “on a roll”, then to try to get back “on a roll” once off.
6. Kids learn and behave better when parents aren’t around.
7. Calling the police after an accident is recommended.
8. I’m a good occupational therapist.

I'd like to pass this meme along to Katie, because she's good at these, and Mrs. Furious because I'm just getting to know her.

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josey said...

*claps for all your answers*

i absosmurfly LOVE your #5 for what you've learned this year...that is the story of my life!! hehe :)

i also enjoyed learning the things you are passionate about. thanks for playing along and doin the meme!!