Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Weather

Yes, I've resorted to discussing the weather on my blog. Isn't that considered to be boring conversation?

It is now so cold here that I'm feeling sorry for my Christmas lights. Most of them are stuck under 6" of ice. Some of them have glowed themselves free of the snow, but the rest look as if they're going to go on revolt. I don't blame them.

Usually when it snows here, it warms up enough that the snow turns to slush which gets sprayed on the rest of the snow making everything look like gray crap. This year, it snowed, and immediately froze harder causing all the snow to turn to ice. It's wonderful in that the snow actually looks like beautiful white snow even if it so slick I fall on my butt, or my Tahoe goes careening out of control around a corner. At least it's pretty!

I think the high here today was 25 degrees. It snowed again a little bit, just dusting the driveway. I was out in it most of the day, and am glad now to be comfortably indoors. I like the winter, as long as I'm warm!

5 backward glances:

Rachel said...

It was 55 degrees and sunny here. It's quite boring without snow and ice to maneuver around on. No slipping, no falling, just blue skies and perhaps a sweater or vest to keep the chill out.
I miss 25 degrees. Sick I know. But I love winter. It makes hot chocolate, soup and warm blankets have a purpose.

Jessica said...

I love winter too! We usually get four get snow showers a year in Arkansas. It is nice to have the cold weather without the ice, but sometimes you just want to see it snow!

Andrew said...

We only got about 4 or 5 inches total today, but it was mixed with heavy freezing rain. Definitely no fun shoveling.

josey said...

i am the same as you! i LOVE long as im warm. hehe! that doesnt necessarily mean i need to stay inside--as long as i'm decked out in my winter gear (not as bad as Ralphie's little brother, tho. LOL) i'm good to go!

i lived in the Upper Peninsula of MI through one talk about SNOW! i think most all winter we had 3-4 feet of it on the ground. and school was never cancelled--just delayed once!! crazy, huh! haha!

Anonymous said...

you sound like a weather woman ... i can just picture you on the news. heh!

it's cold here too and if i do resort to talking about cold weather on my blog, it'll be almost every post -- that's because i live in ohio :-)

i did slip once years ago in a parking lot while going to my car. good thing no one was looking and lucky yet, i didn't get hurt (have a bad back).

- the foo