Friday, September 21, 2007

All's Right With the World

  • After $1,000 worth of damage, my Tahoe is back in my driveway, repaired and once again, like new. I drove a 2008 Grand Prix in my Tahoe's absence and I have 1 thing to say...I'm Spoiled!

  • My new sidewalk is finally finished. The cones are still blocking my street (although I no longer try to make U-Turns in front of my house), the workers have moved along down the street, both macadem & concrete are poured and dried and I have full access again to my driveway (bless the Lord). It actualy was less painful than I had imagined.
  • I have been up at 5AM now for 4/5 days which for me is a record since January. I'm quite pleased with myself but owe it all to Courtney. Swimming yesterday was absolutely the most wonderful feeling. I love to swim; nothing else in the world can make you feel so free, lithe and graceful.

  • My husband is wonderful for so many reasons although today it is because he mercifully coughed up the $500 deductible for the Tahoe repairs (out of his "anniversary fund"). I had planned to pay for it out of my measly earnings, as a little "lesson to me" but I guess he was feeling especially generous to me today. Yes, we put our money together but the money I earn at my job(s) is my "play" money and that's the money I was going to use - hence, no playing for a few months.

  • I found a new store in Layton called "Rod Works", my new favorite store. I can easily see myself spending a small fortune in there in the next 6 months as I get to decorating my basement.

  • My daughter is now old enough to be of great assistance to me: today she was able to run and get me a roll of toilet paper when I was in dire need. We all need our own personal little assistant like that! And today, she said "Mommy, I want you to hold me." Now who can resist that? It's great being a mom.
  • We all must be grateful for the little things! They're what makes life worth living. Toodle-oo.

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    Rachel said...

    Well done on the running! I'm glad your back at it.
    Several years ago Rod Works had a booth at Swiss Days and I loved the way they made simple things like frames and shelves suddenly look interesting. They have had a store in Lehi for several years, but they have probably found Layton to be the new hot spot for homeowners.
    I'm glad to hear that things are on the up and up :)

    Jessica said...

    Wish we had a Rod Works! You are spoiled up in UT!!! : )

    gogogo27 said...

    for visiting. Good luck !!