Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mom, What's Her Name Again?

That's what I asked my mom several times after my little sister was born. Dude, she was just this little pink thing and I could barely keep track of the names of my Barbies for goodness sake!

It's Ellen, by the way (the one in the middle...with the black eye??? Yikes!) She's now 30, still pink...not so little. But that's because she's pregnant and due in July which is just around the corner.

I've blogged about Ellen, here and here. And I guess I keep posting about her because she's an anomaly to me, so different than me, and just amazing.

I teased her the other day because in July, she will officially have 3 children...under the age of 3. To top if off, as far as I know none of them are potty trained although I'm sure she's working on the oldest, a little girl and it shouldn't be too hard.

All I can say is that if anyone has the patience for a job of this magnitude, it's her. She's so patient, calm and determined. Not that she doesn't have a temper...because she does [I've seen it many times, being her big sis and all - boy do I know how to bring it out] but that's not the point. She is so laid back that having 3 kids to her will probably be a walk in the park. Hehe, a lot of walks in the park.

Anyway, I'm excited for a new baby, even if the last one is well, um still a baby. At least she has super cute kids - keep 'em coming El - keep the grandparents happy!

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josey said...

i love this post! and the picture as well! (you're on the left, right? love the red "pearls" cute!)

i have a little sister, too. i was almost 5 when she was born--and i was scared of her when they brought her home! (i was scared of a lot of things. LOL.) she was born with a club foot, and when i heard "something was wrong with her" i automatically thought she was going to be a monster. (uh hem, no comment there tho. haha!) i screamed and kicked and cried the first time they made me see her. then of course, over the years, she repaid . haha!

anyhoo...little sisters ARE amazing...and i'm so glad Ellen is a good mother and example! good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy, Ellen :):) should be an exciting summer!

Mee mOe said...

My oldest daughter was born in 1982, I notice this picture was taken in Christmas of 1983...makes me really feel like a

Rachel said...

Sisters are great. And I'm still amazed how we can all grow up in the same house, same rules, and yet each of us is so different when we get older. I guess personalities really are unique.
I love the quote, "Sisters by chance, Friends by choice." Your sisters are the perfect example of that!

friendinME said...

I know someone who had triplets... and then within a year, had twins... making a grand total of 5 babies under one year old.

now, that is patience!! sheesh.

nice post. I like the picture of you and your sisters.

Rachel said...

That picture is just precious.
Wow, 3 under 3.
I just said a quick prayer for her and a quick prayer of thanks that mine are not 3 under 3! :-)
Hope all goes well for her.
Love the red pearls :-)