Friday, April 11, 2008

In the Break Down Lane

Surprisingly, my Tahoe threw up a white flag day and we hobbled into the dealership because she wouldn't come out of 4-Low. I'm sure everyone around me was wondering why in the heck I was driving 20 down State!

Surprisingly, because it's still a pretty new truck, only 40,000 miles - well, I guess that's not considered new anymore but it's still new to me. This Tahoe was the very first brand spankin' new vehicle I've ever bought - well, leased.

I bought the extended warranty on it at the time of purchase because I was done paying for repairs for a good while. And while most months when I'm paying my enormous lease payment I'm not especially happy about it, but when repair bills are tallied, I remember why I decided on a new car/high cost vs. older car/no payment. I'm just that way - at least for now.

With my transportation, I just would rather pay for my reliability. Nothing's worse than wondering how much this repair is going to cost now...and wondering where you're going to be stranded next.

More on my rental vehicle later...

2 backward glances:

Mr V said...

Heh. This is why I just shrug my shoulders when people laugh when I talk up my little Daewoo Nubira (Korean tinny). But the nuggetty little bugger hasn't conked on me yet!

Rachel said...

your so funny with that beauty of a car. Sorry to hear that it broke down on you, but it sounds like you are pretty covered for the repairs.
We are just hoping our old and reliable cars keep going.. no warranties, no lease. But they are paid for. Cars are a necessary evil, as well as an extension of our personalities.
Which is why I love your Maroon Tahoe. It makes a statement, just like you :)