Monday, April 14, 2008

Ask Me If I Care

There seems to be a lot of bloggers out there who think that if they heatedly give their opinion about something, then you're required to go do exactly what they say.

These opinions especially irritate me when they relate to how they think I should be spending MY time. It can be anywhere from shopping at WalMart, parenting habits, political involvement to driving smaller cars or spending my money.

I'm pretty sure that my time is my business as are all of the decisions I make about my life. That's why it's called "my life". So, perhaps what they should be doing is minding their own business because likely their lives are about as perfect as mine is...not perfect at all.

I have a better idea though...why don't all of those people who have big, hot opinions and want to tell me all about how I should be doing what they say -- just go and take those opinions and jump off a cliff!

I'll be doing whatever it is that pleases me, thank you very much.

10 backward glances:

Rachel said...

Hummm... I'm feeling some hostility. Did you get some unsolicited suggestions from your blogger community?

Amy said...

No, there's no gossip to tell and it's not targeted at anyone specifically. Just MY opinion for the day, that's all. :)

Childsplayx2 said...

Now, Amy. Don't hold back.

Tell us how you REALLY feel.


Amy said...

lol - i like the "G" rating of my blog too much to state my real feelings!

Mr V said...

Something's got your goat, eh Miss? :)

The Napier Family said...

I have a sister-in-law that fits that description, I wonder if she has been to your blog. She has this ability to make you feel like less of a person. In fact, she had the nerve to tell me American's are selfish {she is British, so I just ignore her}, but boy do i have stories about her!!

But I want to here about you and whats going on... do tell!! - Sues

friendinME said...

If we did everything everyone told us to do, it would be a very confusing world. (vote Republicrat! don't shop anywhere! don't eat anything except grass you find in your own yard! boycott everything!) :)

I am with you on this.

Now, all we have to do is make everyone else see it our way.

Steve said...

Who did it? Who, who? You have to post links, darnit! I'm dying to know who made you mad!

Amy said...

Steve (ME): yes, how do we get all the people in the world to do just as we say? oh i know! let's blog about it!

Steve, and Suzie: you won't be happy until i post some gossip, will you? i prefer to remain anonymous - that way it'll never come back to bite me.

Tara said...

tee hee... I too am sensing some hostility :)

perhaps it would make you feel better to jump over to my blog and enter my giveaway?