Sunday, April 27, 2008

Massage for Kids

When the Supreme Princess was a baby, I bought a book on pediatric massage therapy and diligently tried to bond with her this way. She'd have none of it and cried the whole time. It was not a positive experience. She just wasn't that type of baby.

Fast forward to today. I've been taking formal massage therapy lessons from my Massage Therapist mom for the past two months, about 2 hours a week, to complement my occupational therapy practice. We just finished last week and my first full body massage is tomorrow.

So tonight, to practice just a bit, I asked SP if she'd like a massage. She's enjoyed the bits I've done on her as I've gone through the lessons so she said okay. I bought a table at the beginning of the lessons and she hopped up on there in her adorable little birthday suit, pink little buns flashing.

It was very interesting and lots of modifications had to be made. Although she said she was liking it, she kept asking if we were almost done. Her feet and armpits are very ticklish and she couldn't take a whole lot of pressure.

I am so happy to have learned this new skill. What an amazing way to bond with someone through touch. As I massage also, I get to look into her eyes as she looks up into mind and we talk.

I hope I can give her massages into her old age, and that she'll always be happy to let me.

p.s. to the person I asked to be my practice model, I am ready to begin if you are :)

5 backward glances:

Katie said...

Well- I will be your model anyday. That sounds so wonderful. I love massages.

Amy said...

well come on over! i'm sure morethan one test dummy would be great! can't guarantee anything spectacular except an hour without your kids (lol, which might be just what the doctor ordered).

Steve said...

It took me a long time to try massage. I was always a little intimidated by what I thought was a predominately female industry and environment. Spas market to women and walking around in a bathrobe just doesn't strike me as being fun or relaxing.

A friend told me that I should try the massage school out and I eventually gave it a shot. For $30/hour, you get a consistently good massage. It's not as fru-fru as a "spa," but personally, I prefer that.

So, ultimately, I can live without the rest of the "spa experience," but there is real value to massage. It helps my muscles recover and it helps me relax. I try to get one or two each month.

The Napier's said...

Do you do adult massage, I could use one right about now. Hey I wanted to invite you to my Pampered Chef party this weekend. Its at 1pm at my house. I'd love to see you and you can bring the supreme princess if you want, she can meet the supreme pain in the butt!! Love ya, Sues

Rachel said...

Amy, someone just told me that she makes $40 K working part time doing massages. Maybe you should look into it, you would be so good with your OT background :)