Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend in a Nutshell

I left my favorite shoes at my in-laws last weekend so I had to take the 2 hour trek out there to pick them up yesterday. Hence, my absence.

While I was out there, I visited my cosmetologist who did my permanent make up about 3 years ago. She'd moved out there since and I hadn't been able to have a touch-up. She re-did my upper and lower lid eye-liner, and re-did the miserably failed lips. I'd originally had my entire lip (top & bottom) done but it didn't work after several attempts. This time I just did the liner. If you're not familiar with the process, it's similar to tattooing. The skin is pierced and injected with dye. It can be a little painful.

I know...just a tad on the vain side...but more so on the "less the complexity of the morning routine" business. I mean, I'm going to wear this make-up anyway! Why not have it permanent?

So, as anticipated, this morning I woke up to swollen eyes and lips, and chapped and cracked lips. I decided not to go to church to face all of the people that I know with a swollen face, so instead, donned a pair of big sunglasses and went to the zoo and a baseball game. Now I have a swollen, sunburned face. It was HOT!

And, there were like 6 million people at the zoo. Note to self, don't go to the zoo the first nice day of Spring.

Speaking of the zoo, the Hogle Zoo became the home to a new baby giraffe on November 2007. That little guy is so cute!

So that was my weekend. Did you do anything fun with the warm weather?

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Melanie said...

Look at that cute giraffe. I need to get to the zoo. Having no kids and a husband who despises the zoo kind of makes that tough. I'm glad you could do something fun. I pulled weeds and cleaned up fallen leaves left over from the fall. Really I'm ok with it because at least I was outside.

Mr V said...

It's mid Autumn down here. The days are meant to be getting colder. But no... it's still been warm. Climate change if you listen to the media, just late weather pattern after a cooler summer if you listen to the weatherman. :)

The Napier Family said...

Is permanent make-up expensive? I have thought about it but never really looked into it. My friend does lash extensions and I want to have those done, but their $80 for a full and then they have to be filled every 2-3 weeks at $10-20 bucks a pop. Why oh why cant I just accept myself as I am??? lol

Amy said...

Melanie: your day will come, i'm sure. i never went to the zoo until i became a mom, and honestly now i get too much of it as a season pass holder. we go like 12x a year. needless to say we never get a map anymore.

mr. v: weather patterns, smether patterns. i'm sure you're enjoying that it's still warm :)

susan: it's relative. i'll tell you how much it is off of this blog. i think when you factor in cost of make-up and time applying it then no, it's not too bad. i just wish they could give me permanent foundation hehe. lash extensions sound great and I have considered them of course since my lashes are mere stubs. but i don't like that constant maintenance.

Steve said...

Permanent makeup? What do you do if you want to wear a different color?

I thought about getting a tattoo on my arms... of my arms, but just a little bigger.

Amy said...

steve: you're hilarious - that would be a great tattoo!

That's the whole point! I don't ever have to worry about colors and crap like that. I have black eyeliner (not creepy like a goth or anything) and a very light pink lip liner. They go with everything - very versatile and simple. you can see the eyeliner in the pics that i posted a few weeks back and probably even a little of the liner.