Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inventory of Tasks

I love Spring. I love all of the opportunities and potential that it brings. And in my yard, the potential abounds.

It probably would be in a lot better shape if at every house, DH doesn't vow to "change everything" but then we never seem to either have the time or money, at the same time. Both front yard and back are disgraceful because he keeps telling me not to get too drastic because "it's all comin' out". Well, I've stopped believing him for the most part but just in case he's serious, I don't want to get crazy and spend too much money or time fixing problem areas. And there are tons of them.

I did a quick inventory yesterday to see what things HAVE to be done. Then hopefully we can do some of the more major re-do's this year (like the entire front yard which I abhor!)

1. I don't usually let people see the Spring version of my planters but here is this one. It's needing some serious attention. Daisies line the perimeter of it and is that bush even still alive? (click for bigger pics)2. So that's where all you little guys have been hiding out! Time for a little heart-to-heart fellas. My parsley is NOT your home.
3. What are you? And where did you come from? 4. I hate you. You are going down! 5. This is the southeast corner of my yard leading up to the front. It's a menagerie of useless plants that turns jungle-like in August. I plan to tear it all out and then I have no idea.
6. Didn't I already tear you out like 12 times already? Persistent little bugger.7. Why didn't anyone tell me to take out bulbs before laying sod?8. Anyone need Irisis? These are in the wrong place, too compacted and just a little too unkempt for me.9. Boxwoods: How about a measuring tape when planting, people. I mean, did they just haphazardly throw them in the ground or what? (there are 2 more to the right) Ugh.So, you can see my work's cut out for me. I don't have the skills to do all of these chores but I'll do what I can before I lose all interest completely.

1 backward glances:

Janel said...

It seems like my entire life is revolving around my yard right now. cleaning out beds, getting rid of dead bushes and trees, planting planting planting! I wish I could wiggle my nose and have it all done. I love the result but the work is not always so much fun!