Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Can Dream

It is snowing right now. That's right. It's April 30th and it's snowing. I've lived in Utah for 16 years and I honestly can't recall this happening before. It might have, but my memory only retains good stuff.

I can only hope that this rediculous extension of Spring may also affect Summer, that it may last well into October or even November. What will probably happen is that Summer will only truly last for two months and then it'll be cold again. It's just not fair. By this time of year, we're usually well into Spring with days that feel like Summer is actually here.

So far we've only had a handful of nice days and I'm feeling so feverish to get outside in decent weather and shed sweaters and pants!

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Melanie said...

I hear ya Amy! I couldn't belive that it was snowing on my way home tonight. In fact it made me mad. Thank goodness I'm going to be in St. George this weekend in the 80 degree weather. I'll be thinking about ya!

friendinME said...

I remember one time when I was a kid, we had 3 inches of snow around May 20th.

Every year, just when I think we might be done with winter, we get hit with snow again. So, I don't start anticipating spring until summer has started.

Mr V said...

Feel free to send any unwanted precipitation our way then. We can always do with more water!

Ben said...

It snowed here in Ohio the day before yesterday, too. I was so happy because we were already hitting the 80's the week before. I hate warm weather and I hate the horrid, humid Ohio summers. I wish it snowed all year long :-p


Amy said...

well it just goes to's all perspective! sorry for complaining!

Rachel said...

Amy, I kept thinking about today, May 1st- May Day. Its the day when I always felt like spring was just around the corner in Utah.
Sadly, it's already summer here. Spring has come and gone.
No winter. Just summer and a few fleeting weeks of warm rather than hot.
It will warm up soon, just enjoy your sweats a little longer.

savvy mom said...

I loved it! Two days ago I wore a tank top then this morning it snowed. Just a little and kids are out again in shorts and such.
Snow in Utah this late happened before, let's see when that was. Hmm. I had just planted my garden, snow killed it all, it was in JUNE! But that was 13 years ago more or less.

Brittany E. said...

Do you read She has been talking about the amount of snow too. I live in Alabama so it just seems unreal!


Same here...brrr

Last week it was nearing the 80's and our allergies had kicked're just cold! LOL