Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Are You Eating????

I made a comment on someone's blog yesterday about what they are eating. Rather I commented that I am always interested in what other people are eating! She was running out of things to post about for the NoBloPoMo which is basically a community of bloggers who, starting November 1, committed to post every single day of the month. She was running dry. I said she she should mention what she eats. Don't you ever wonder what habits people have when they eat? I do. I told her what I ate yesterday. Very boring to me, but she lives in Australia and I'm sure she thought I was weird. Well, that's true but what can I say? Today, I had a piece of toast and a vitamin smoothie. I had a few bites of some of SP's Cheesy Noodleroni - blech, why does she like that stuff? Better question...Why do I buy that stuff? So, leave me a comment: seriously, what did you eat today? I have always been really, really curious what other people eat!

....And I ordered my new laptop last night. HP's having a big $400 sale off of a customized laptop over $1,300. So after all my customizations and the discount, it came to less than $1,000 and it's going to be a pretty sweet little machine. I'm really excited! I got an HP dv6500t (T5350 DDR2 120 GB harddrive). I also bought a little USB port extender and a memory card converter/reader thingamajig. The computer's supposedly being shipped Dec 4 and it'll be like Christmas - OH IT IS CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

15 backward glances:

kelly said...

There is a book out there written by a well-known blogger called "Nobody cares what you had for lunch"
It's a book of ideas for posting when you come up dry.
I guess she was wrong....
It sounds like you do care what people had for lunch!

josey said...

amy...sadly, im always excited to tell people what i eat. LOL! and since youre asking, i'm telling :D oh and by the way, im miss food monster, and i know many of my archived blog posts talk sooo much about food...i think i may even have a few days of food logs on there. LOL. dont be shocked if some new ones show up eventually! i do it once in a while to keep myself accountable ;)

i wish you would have asked this question tomorrow tho, cause my sunday food is never as good as my monday food ;) LOL!!! here goes...and if its TMI, SORRRRYYYY *hehehe*

bfast: .5c homemade kombucha tea, freshly ground decaf coffee, 2 eggs fried in butter/EVOO, one slice Ezekiel bread w/butter and grape jelly, fresh pineapple and fresh cranberries.
lunch: 6-inch oven-roasted chix breast Subway sub on honey oat w/provolone, mayo, lettuce, onions, pickles and small bag of regular plain Lays.
snack: red raspberry leaf hot tea, small apple, .5oz raw milk sharp cheddar
supper:mcd's side salad w/caesar dressing, 3 chicken strips, 1 chocolate chip cookie.
before bed: cup of hot dong quai tonic (enjoying right now!).

**note: all food at home is local and/or organic unless otherwise noted. ;)

(toldja, im a total food geek!)

josey said...

ohhh and i meant to say CONGRATS on the new laptop!!! sooo fun. i hope you have a blast with it. my BIL would be so proud to know the brand you got...he works for HP ;) hehehe! (yes, we get awesome discounts occasionally. hehehe.)

Amy said...

josey: if your Sunday food was unhealthy, i'd hate to know what your monday food is! you make my diet look particularly embarrassing. btw, you drink lots of tea for an American. what's up with that? i'm very impressed with your diet!

josey said...

well first, let me say that it took me about 5-6 years to even get my diet even *THIS* good. hehehe. its really hard to retrain a meat-and-potatoes and nearly all boxed/processed food taste buds! i've still got a decent way to go to really get as healthy as i'd like to be.

as far as the tea goes, here's kinda sorta how i got started drinking it... and in the last year, since i've done a lot of research on holistic health and stuff like that, i've stumbled across a lot of herbal teas that are great for women (dong quai for one). ive just found they make me feel good physically AND mentally, and almost all teas are an easy way to get a punch of antioxidants and other goodforya stuff =D

geesh, dont get me started. ;) hehehe! but if you ever wanna know anything foodie...please feel free to ask, i might know and am always willing to share :D

Anonymous said...

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friendinME said...

I am impressed that josey could detail what she ate. Let's see if draw out of my mental archive what I had for food yesterday....

bfast- Cocoa Krispies :), coffee, juice.

lunch- pre-thanksgiving meal- turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, whipped potato and gravy, squash, bread, blueberry pie.

dinner- no dinner, just ate "I'm gonna run an extra mile tomorrow" food while I watched the Patriots cream the Bills. :)

The 3-letter airport designation for Fresno, California is FAT. So, one might say that I ate in Fresno last night.

but the reason I am posting this bit of inspiring insight is because I have to know -- what the heck is hot dong quai tonic??

Congrats on your new computer. Only a fellow computer geek can truly understand the anticipation of its arrival.

Andrew said...

Awesome job on the laptop, Amy!!! I actually just posted that coupon on our site the other day and I may very well use it myself to buy our inlaws a new computer too.

Matthew said...

I was going to say, that my cousin Maggie wrote a book called Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch... but I see that kelly beat me to it.

I'm about to break out the book to get me through the rest of this NaBloPoMo thing.

frog ponds rock... said...

mmmm. brekky: at I had 4 slices of rye toast with avocado,tomato, red capsicum and greek yoghourt.(no butter) with black coffee two sugars.. strong hehehe
lunch. approx 2pm A chicken salad sandwich :- radish,sprouts, beetroot,lettuce ,tomato, capsicum.avocado no butter or mayo
Tea. about 6-ish A homemade pie with wallaby in red wine gravy.. yummo!

I am on a diet so I have cut out all butter/ marg/ mayo etc etc.

cheers kim...

Amy said...

see? this is what I'm talking about! call me an odd duck but this is all fascinating! everyone wh ohas posted what they ate is eating something REALLY different and it's amazing. I've never even heard of a lot of these things! I must be a sheltered-eater!

josey said...

hey friendinme (and anyone else who is curious hehe)...dong quai is a chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years to support the female reproductive system :) the brand of dong quai tonic i drink (they call it "tonic"--altho it is like a tea--because of its medicinal properties) also includes some other herbs that boost energy, detox and help maintain proper water balance.

all pretty important things for most women, esp at uh...certain times. LOL.

kim, your food definitely sounds yummy :) altho i knew you had to be from Oz when you said you had wallaby!! and isnt red capsicum what we call a red bell pepper? or is it something different?

amy, dont feel too badly about your diet! we americans are pretty sheltered in general when it comes to any food/drink/herb that isnt a standard american staple. it just takes a little stepping out of your comfort zone here and there, and you'd be surprised to find how many "weird" foods you actually like! :D

friendinME said...

memo to self: I won't be trying hot dong quai tonic.


Mad goat lady said... was ME!

Thanks for the idea ....I have been saving it up for the next time the well has run dry.

I am not so sure how interesting my dietary habits will be though.

Sorry I haven't been around saying health problems have been giving me a hell of a time lately so I have been a little subdued :(

Anonymous said...

it doesn't even matter what i will be eating, just as long as it is good and hearty! lol.

i am gonna tear up some food tomorrow.
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