Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's All in the Details!!

The holidays have rolled around, and if you're like the rest of the world, you've probably either begun or thought about hefting up the pile of christmas crap from the basement to load onto your mantle and front porch: lights, christmas village, tree, bulbs, wreaths, santas, etc.

You've thought of everything. You are decorating EVERY ROOM in the house this year because you are expecting guests and want it all to be so festive.

But...did you remember the holiday toilet paper? Well then my friend, you are not TRULY in the Christmas spirit!

Just imagine the looks on your guests faces when, in the confined solidarity of your throne room, they begin their search of the hottest commodity, at their particular time in need, and they see this
You'll be the talk of the neighborhood! Everyone will want to come use your potty! And why not? You're the consumate host! You have thought of everything!

The funniest thing is that half of you are wondering where in the heck you can buy this stuff! Although I'm not advertising for them, you can buy it here.

Put the lid down when you're through k?

9 backward glances:

Rachel said...

Oh the marketing geniuses have thought of everything...

My mom has a toilet seat cover that is Santa with his hands over his eyes when you lift the toilet cover, it was one of our favorite Christmas decor items to pull out of the box every year.

So speaking of favorite decor items, Amy, what is yours?

Mine has to be the Christmas ornaments that I started doing with the boys that includes pictures from that year. It's fun to see how much they have changed from year to year. I hope someday to have a tree full of their childhood photos.

La delirante said...


I like the layout of your blog, it is very nice.

Hubby wants to decorate this weekend. I would have wanted to wait a bit more.

I loved the Christmas toilet paper! :)

Have a nice day,

josey said...

boy, that's some pricy buttwipe! ROTFL!!! ;) i'd put a little note next to it that says, "4 squares maximum per person per visit." HAHAH!!

i brought the tree up last nite. its still sitting in the hallway in its box, but this weekend we'll put it up. yes, im excited! =D

Christy said...

Thanks for the chuckle, you crack me up. We are majorly downsizing our decor this season. We hit the road for Corpus Christi on the 21st and will be gone until the new year. So, I'm decorating just enough to feel the mood and nothing more. And they are all new decorations from the dollar store. I'm not even pulling out the boxes.

Katie said...

So do they leave the print on your butt?

josey said...

HAHAHA KATIE!! that's what i was thinking, too...kinda like one of those kids' rub-on tattoos ;) might be fun to have the "HOHO" one on my bum...hahahha...

i guess i needed a good laff today! ;)

friendinME said...

I am wondering if kids will have trouble wiping their backsides with Santa..........

just thinking :)

we are going to go authentic Christmas... going back to the days of yesteryear. I have installed straw in our bathrooms.

Melissa said...

That is just too much. I HAVE to have some. :) Thanks for the laugh.

Amy said...

I knew this post would provoke some amusing comments! Thanks for all your thoughts - just hilarious (especially FriendinME) - nice, straw!)

Tattoos? One can only speculate!