Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Email Spam

Have you ever noticed that exactly at the stroke of midnight on Thanksgiving until the close of day December 25th, your email box delivers 968 weeks worth of Sunday Newspaper advertisements? I get email overload just downloading them. I literally have to wade through them all to find the "real" emails from friends and such.

I am a big lover of Christmas, and I know I've said it before BUT- I hate the commercialism!!

No, I don't want to give gas as a christmas gift!
No, I don't want to buy my friends a new car mats & auto air freshners!
No, I don't want to buy my dad a new car just to show him how much I love him!
And No! I don't want to buy paper clips & ink cartridges for my husband!


7 backward glances:

josey said...

i hear ya LOUD AND CLEAR, as my post today discussed. at length. hehe.

*throws you a life saver to pull you out of the sea of spam*

friendinME said...

One word: gmail

Google mail does a great job of filtering spam out.

I have all my mail forwarded to Gmail-- from my ISP, my work, my blog email... it is great. I switched a year ago and love it.

Another idea for the future... if you haven't already done so, create an email account at mail.com or yahoo. Then use that account for the times you need to sign up for something online.

Barbara said...

I don't get too much of that - I have a gmail account.

I do, however, gets lots of unmentionable spam (you know the ones!) on my yahoo account for some reason. Hmmm...

Ellen said...

but wait, so you want me to take back the McDonald's Gift Card I got you? "They" said "She'll love it! And it's the gift that keeps on giving!" (whatever that means...) Oh well...(sigh) guess I'll have to find something else to get you. Do you need new shoe inserts? The commercial says they're "gellin'" Hey! The card could read, "Gellin, from Ellen." It's meant to be.

Jessica said...

You are so funny! You make me lol! I'm linking you to my blog. Do you want to be "Amy from Utah", or "Amy Fly Wall"? : )

Amy said...

Well, I HAVE a gmail account but don't use it because I'm not sure if it downloads to Outlook. Does it - really well? That's a big requirement for my email server. I'd put up with a lot to have that!

and yes, little sis - PLEASE take back the Mickey D's gift card. That gift DOES keep on giving. It keeps giving me reasons to go buy more clothes (in bigger sizes). I wouldn't be surprised if clothes stores start making a "Biggie or Supersize" department ha ha! "Ah yes, the Supersize department - over there, you simply cont miss it!"

Sarcasm Abounds said...

How about a mortgage offer or some viagra?