Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Shoes

There's a relatively new store in Salt Lake called DWS Shoes. It's in the Fort Union area where Mervyn's California used to be. I've always wanted to go in there but thinking it was probably just like Famous Footwear, I thought "why bother". I really don't like Famous Footwear that much because most of their shoes are not practical for a mother, and too trendy (and consequently sort of expensive for what you get). Such as, a pair of regular old flip flops can run you $40 depending on who makes them. That's a rip off and I don't care how much of a snob you are.

I've been trying to get some shoes for my winter outfits and to tell the truth, it's been pretty hard finding things that I really like. And I'm having to branch out of my comfort zone...which is flip flops, crocks, and strappy sandals for church. Pretty boring.

I went on and found a huge selection although some of their shoes were found at Amazon for like 50% cheaper, in fact I bought a pair from Amazon that I had found at Zappos. Turns out I hate them and am sending them back.

So in my quest to replace the Amazon/Zappos loafer/pumps I headed over to DSW because...I was desperate. Turns out I love that place! They have more upscale brands, not just trendy but really nice, well-made shoes by makers that you don't find at Famous Footwear, or other quick & dirty shoe places. And, their selection is humongous! Way more than Famous Footwear! Plus, they have a huge clearance section in the back that isn't just all their leftover crap. There were some good deals back there too!

When I got home, I googled DSW and was faintly amused to find that it directed me to I actually wasn't surprised given the selection. It's nice to have a place you can GO physically. I think I like to actually put the shoe on before I buy it. The internet's great but for some things, you just want it in your hands before you put your money down.

I'd give you a linkaroo to Zappos or DSW but I don't want you thinking I'm doing an advertisement. Just my thoughts on shoe-buying in general.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, what's goin' on girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog; I really appreciate that love.

DSW Shoes is a really popular store in this area (Washington DC Metro area). No matter where you turn your head, there is a DSW. I have a collection of fine dress shoes that I have picked up from DSW-great place!

Overall, I shop online for my sneakers. I have a serious Nike Shox fetish and the best deals are always online.
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Katie said...

I've got to say I usually like famous foot wear. But we definitely have different tastes. I will have to check out the other store though.

Rachel said...

Oh, now I am in trouble. There is a DSW store on my way to The Gap. I haven't gone in because the first advertising company I worked for was called DSW and it was a sweat shop (even more that McCann).
So it appears that I must go in now, I must find cute comfortable shoes. Working retail is hard on the FEET! But still fun :)

Steve said...

Don't know what happened, but DSW must have just expanded a lot. They just began opening them up here in the Seattle area, too.

Nice stores, particularly dangerous for women, I think, although I did find a cool pair of Pumas there.

Amy said...

I'm a little slow on the uptake! DSW's been here about a year and only now did I go there. But I'm goin back, for sure!