Sunday, November 4, 2007

Am I a Busy Person or Just a Busy Body?

A friend has asked me several times in the past few weeks just what it was I am so busy doing. The precursor to this question is usually me telling her how busy I am that I haven't been able to call or get together or whatever.

The problem is, whenever she asks me, I have no answer for her. No tangible completed project to hand through the telephone that explains my harried condition. Nothing memorable to show for my hours of labor. Am I running in circles? Am I caught up in busy work?

We thought it would be funny if I added a little column on my blog of my daily activities so that I might feel like I'm actually getting something done, and she might know what the heck I'm up to.

Since I plan out my days up to 2 weeks in advance, I can post more than 1 day's activities because I do try to stick to my schedule. Here's what I did today:

Went to church
Had lunch
Shopped at Ikea for a table for the new fishtank (see tomorrow's post)
Drove to Grantsville to look at a 5 acre farm for sale
Came home & helped set up the table for the fishtank
Cleaned up the house, laundry
Sorted through all the Super Saturday stuff, re-ordered the mistakes
Fiddled with my stupid PDA keyboard, re-installed software
Read book, go to bed

3 backward glances:

Andrew said...

My vote is for Busy Body. :) Heh.

Can't wait to see what you do with that fish tank today...

Rachel said...

Doesn't sound like a relaxing Sunday at all...

Yes, you're a busy body and I love it. I wish I could be as motivated :)

josey said...

hey amy :)

you crack me sound so much like me (i'd like to say that's a compliment...but well, lets agree that its a neutral statement! LOL!!!).

i work from home, so sometimes people question what in the heck i do with all my free time since we dont have kids. i dont feel like i should have to defend myself, because well, i have 5 pets (nearly equivalent to 5 kids some days as far as messes made...LOLOL) and a huge house to keep clean (can anyone say PET HAIR??)...meals to cook, laundry to wash, groceries to buy and of course, a little work each week!

then when you add volunteering, the occasional get-together with a friend, or any other miscellaneous event that pops up, its pretty durn easy to fill a day. sometimes i wonder how i ever got anything done working OUTSIDE the home!!

so anyhoo, i would have to say you're a busy-bodied person ;) hehehe! from the looks of your schedule, you take time to take care of yourself in the middle of all your running around. and your running around seems to have an end goal in mind, which is good! its not like you're just finding things to stuff into your days just to have something to do. or at least that's just my guess! ;)

even tho you may not have a book report to hand your buddy for each day's activities, your activities all have a benefit to someone else other than yourself. to me, that's answer enough :)

just make sure you can say NO when you need to. dont stress yourself out just because you're afraid if you dont say yes, someone else wont do it instead. (did that make sense? LOL) my motto is that if you cant do it whole-heartedly, then its probably not wise to add it to the schedule!

okay, enough preaching!!! ;) i hope you enjoyed your yoga class today. i miss mine! doing it at home isnt bad, but i miss the good feelings i had being around those like-minded folks.

enjoy your monday!! =D

(man, sorry for the novel! i seem to have this affliction quite drastically lately. teehee.)